Thursday, 21 November 2013

Hello Out There.

It has been a long time I did not update my blog, here is a new update. Hey, the new people out there. I am Mickey and I am eight-teen. I am studying Business in Sunway University currently. A very great college for me, fine facilities, great people and responsibility lecturers. This blog post is all about my favourite Web sites for these days when I am missing.

Out of all the Web sites in the world, Twitter would be my all time favourite. Twitter is a space where people can use it to update their daily stuff and to connect to the others by reading what is happening to the others.

Next would be YouTube. I am a huge fans of YouTube. I watch a lot of video on YouTube, such as comedy, micro-movie, News and the original songs that created by talented people online.

Lastly, it would be Facebook. Facebook is a social Website where I can keep updating about their stuff and also I can meet new people. I like meeting new friends, new people bring me to new things so I can learn from it.

These are my favourite Web sites, hope you would enjoy it. Thank you!

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