Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Yesterday was Last Year.

Frankly, year 2012 past faster than year 2011 and here comes year 2013. Year 2012, I've a lot of fun, like really funnier than the rest of years. New years always come with new people, for sure I met some new faces. My to-do-list is a thing that I can never ever get done with, I guess I am just too lazy for it. For this post, I am gonna blog about things I got and happy posts.

A gang of new friends that I will never forget is a gang of my awesome seniors. I have my awesome Lunar New Year and Christmas Eve with them. Those became my memories that I will never ever forget. I will never forget how much fun it was, how much awesome it was. Here is the group photo on Christmas Eve and thanks a lot to the person who had invited me to the party. You rock!


Besides, I had a trip to one of my favourite town, Bangkok. I always asked my parents to bring me to this place for so many times and right now my dream was came true. I never thought I could really be there in real life, it was like a dream when I get to know I have a chance to go there! That was really really and awesome trip, I promised I will be there again someday. This is my second favourite trip after Taiwan's trip.
I miss this town already! :( 

Look! Here are some guests who came back all the way from US! BB(my little cousin from US) is back in Malaysia! This is our first meet and he is about 4 years old or 5 years old only! We never see each other in real life but photos on Facebook only, how sad. The whole family is so happy when they decided to come back, I was really excited to see my little cousin. My uncle left Malaysia since I was in primary school and this is the first time he comes back from US, imagine how long I haven't been see him. He used to be the one who always play with me when I was young, I remember I cried because he left Malaysia. :( 
He used to stick with me and I used to stick with him too in that one month time. :((

There were some people who have been playing a very important role in my secondary life, those were my classmates. We used to spend our time together with each others in last two years, now we are all graduated. It is a lie if I ever tell you I don't miss them, I do really miss them. I miss the fun time we had in class. I miss the time we play cards game and some random games in class. I miss their random jokes, their random stupid conversations. I miss the foods we shared with each others. I miss the moment when we cooperated with the whole class to reported about a teacher was being so mean. We do fights and argument but hey it doesn't affect our friendship. We get closer and closer, better and better. They used to be in my life in past two years but now we couldn't get to see each others five days in a week. I wish the best for all of you.

These people are the best, our gang in our class.

If you read my blog, you know that I love tattoo. Year 2012 August 5, I got my second tattoo which is inspired by my favourite blogger Xiaxue. I got it in Klang for 200bucks. It is a queen crown on my upper back. People asked me what does it means but actually I never think of any for that. I just think it is nice, so I just get one. Here is my tattoo's photo. 

A crown on upper back.

To Be Continue...