Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Movie Review : CZ 12

Hi folks, I am back after months. I was so busy in the past few months due to the SPM exams and my job. So now I am here to blog again because I quitted my job and done with my SPM. The first post after months will be a movie review which is CZ 12!!! 

CZ 12, a movie filmed by Jackie Chan. I got the premiere ticket from my friend on 16 December @ Pavilion's GSC.

Well well well, guess who I see there as well? YES, NO DOUBT, I MET JACKIE CHAN IN REAL PERSON. He is super duper charming! His smiles are so bright, his skin is so firm, he is just so charming!! I melt to the max when I saw him. <3 actress="actress" adorable.="adorable." along="along" and="and" black="black" brought="brought" dress="dress" he="he" hot="hot" in="in" is="is" look="look" movie.="movie." nbsp="nbsp" one="one" p="p" shiny="shiny" so="so" the="the" two="two" yellow="yellow">

This movie is really really highly recommended by me! It's awesome and interesting, it worth you to spend about 2 hours more to watch it. As Jackie said you are not supposed to leave your seat once the movie is start. :p

Watch the trailer now!