Thursday, 31 May 2012


Remember the tiny puppy? I told you guys that Bobby Boy (no more cooper because family don't like it)  don't want to take any foods and drinks and he is so afraid of people. So one day when I was viewing my own blog, I saw the Nuffnang's ads which is on my blog was showing about Pedigree dog foods.

I clicked into their website and then read everything bout Pedigree dog foods. I found it was quite good for the pets, so the next day I went to the super market and try to get some Pedigree dog foods. Guess what I got? Yes, Pedigree puppies' foods for the new born puppies! I feed Bobby Boy with Pedigree and  he likes it, a lot! Now, everytime when I approaching him, he will come closer to me because he thought I have some foods for him. Yet, Bobby Boy learned my command which is "Sit!". When he wants his food from me I will ask him to sit if he wants his food, of course he do everytime when I ask him to.

How to train a dog? This is how I train Bobby Boy :
  When you command your pet(s) to do something and your pet(s) don't bother you, don't give up, keep going. As you want your pet to come to you, you need to have some treats in your hand first and then you call its name. Remember one thing, pet don't understand long sentence but short. "Come!" is actually enough, but if you want it to know what's its name, add its name at the first before you give it a command. "Bobby come!" Then it will come to you, after he came to you, you have to give him the treat on your hand as a reward. To tell it this is the right thing to do. Practice this everyday once and then he will remember and do what you command to it next time.

ps : Do not force or hit it, it's a dog, not human. It's right if it cannot understand what you said! 

There are a lot of pets food by Pedigree, I recommended you guys to give it a try if your pet(s) never try before! I bet they will love it very much and as their owner you will like it too! Give it a try now!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Want food?

Sit if you want your food! Like finally I already successfully to train Poppy Boy to listen to me. Now every time he sees me he is sitting because he thought I have foods for him! The dog foods rock! ;D

Daily short update, stay tune for more. xx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Why I love to gather with guys.

I wanted to post about this problem since long time ago but sometimes I have no ideas what to write or say and you know my mind was like...totally blank. So today I'm gonna talk about why the humans nowadays always gossip and saying about people like me are "coquettish".

I have no idea why can they being this old-minded. I am being close to heterosexual's friends is wrong? So all of us are not supposed to have heterosexual friends at all? Girls must sticking with girls and boys must be with boys? Oh hell, be a little bit open-minded please? If you ever ask me why don't I just go to be close to my girls friends and then stop being close with the guys' gang I will definitely give you a big slap or shit in your face. Why are you bothering about my friendships and yet you can't manage yourself a good friendship? But I will still giving you the reasons why I am closer to guys more then girls.

Got it? So just please stop bitching around about us. I care guy friends more than girl friends because I love peaceful's life, too many gossips or backstaps are seriously make me feel annoying and so tired of it. How great the life will be without these things and all we do are just enjoying the peaceful life. Such a wonderful land man!!

Just a quite short post to tease you guys because holidays are coming and I gonna have a lot of posts I guess? STAY TUNED!!  xx

Oh yeah one more thing, can you please click the Nuffnang Ads once you saw them? Thank you readers! 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Owning a pet.

Right before this, I remember I was always asking my parents to get me a puppy or a pet. I used to ask them like daily and they were really really felt annoyed with that, but I was just doing the same thing until Idk when then I stop. One of my guy friend who is recently kinda close with me is a pet lover, he owned a lot of pets. He is the kind of people who really get crazy on owning a pet and then I got a little bit infected by him. *I know right, his love is too strong and I got infected*

Remember what were my last pet? I did post on my blog, but quite unfortunately one of them was died due to sick. So I left one only and it's too lonely to be a single one so I gave it to my brother and now it got another 2friends. I think it's better than being alone in the big tank. Everyone hates to be alone ain't it?

Alright, go true the topic. So if you're one of my follower on Instagram I bet you know my dream was came true and now I really got a puppy (count as family pet too). It was a sad story about getting this puppy, lemme tell you the story. Few days ago, it was found around my house area and it was still a baby. It seriously got a pair ignorance's eyes and you know pet looks quite pity with a dirty body and tiny body shape. Besides, it was trembling when we were all looking at it, I SERIOUSLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT THOSE IDIOTS DID TO IT! You know it's so afraid of HUMAN and it don't even move a single step when there are HUMAN around it. SEE? Humans nowadays being so cruel and irresponsibility to pets!
He looks so pity, isn't it? :(( 

We decided to adopt him (it's a male puppy so allow me to called it as "him") home and try to cure his skin problem. He is just a few months baby I guess, and now he already having the skin problem and being sooooooo freaking TINY. A pet or animal shouldn't be treated alike this, THEY ALL ARE LIVING THINGS. All I can do is just give him a safety place to live and be a food and needs supplier to him. Here is the problem, because he was kinda afraid of human so he seems like refuse to eat a single thing or drink water. I think I seriously have to spend my time on him tomorrow morning. I gonna bring him to the grassland in front of my house and let it play or stay over there since tomorrow morning everyone is out for work and no one's car gonna be there. SAFE AND FUN.

Readers, people, women, men or whoever you are. If you want a pet, please don't get it by paying, adopt a pet is more meaningful than buying a pet. If you ever adopt a pet, you save a life. REMEMBER THIS, you can save other's life with your love and care. Before getting a pet, please make a deep considerations. If you're getting it for fun and you're the kind like 3 minutes hot temp people do not get a pet. Once you're their owner, then you have to be responsibility, be careful, and spend time on them. Pets are not only a living things and also a friends of human.

ADOPT A PET IS REALLY MEANINGFUL. Adopt a animal, you saved a life. 

For more information about adopting a pet, you can visit these sites :