Thursday, 29 March 2012

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I promised to make a I-baby post but I really got nothing to talk about it besides showing your guys photo. But I guess you guys all knew about who is I-baby that I mentioned for all the time.(In case you don't know about it, it's my new IPod Touch 4 in white)

By the way, I own two pets *in a time* I have two cute baby turtles because I got infected by my friend. He showed me how cute are his turtles, super mini and cute!! I can't stand anymore so I begged my mom allowed me to have a pair of turtles. So luckily that mom allowed me to have a pair of them, I'm so happy to see them everyday! 

I swear I'm not a pet abuser and I don't even let them get hungry. But I don't know why they ate my guppies, I have no idea when I saw that in the early morning. I saw a dead fish is floating in the water and it left half part of body only. My turtles will be super fierce someday I guess, I hope it won't bite me after growing up become a real turtle. *finger cross*

Baby turtles are one of my family members now! :D

Remember my long curly hair? I chopped it down. I didn't make it as short as real short hair but I think I chopped off about 4 inches, it's a SO LONGGGG length for me. Almost all the curly part had been chop down. Now my hair is kinda straight and it take shorter time to do hair care. I really DO NOT SUGGEST girls to perm their hair, it takes very long time to do hair care thingies you know? You will be regret someday, like me

Straight hair is always the best, easier to take care, easier to comb, lesser products to use and etc. I want back my straight hair but I couldn't do rebonding because I got scold by mom bout doing rebonding, perm this and that in a short time. All I can do is to wait until my hair get longer, chop it down again! HIAK HIAK.

I feel so happy after chopped my hair to this length!! 

Still, my plan for my after SPM holiday never change, I wanna make something different. I hope my mom will not kill me because of it. *god bless me*

Thursday, 22 March 2012

✈Bangkok, Thailand.

So if you ever follow me on my social network you might already knew that I was went for a trip last week. I'd been nagged my parents and asked her to bring me to this place for so many time and right now my dream was came true. I never knew I could be there in a short time I thought it will happen when only it is my long holiday which is December, BUT now it's only March and I went there to have myself a very crazy shopping trip.

For your information I bought I-Baby before leaving to Bangkok, *it will appear in another post soon* I'm totally bankrupt nowadays. I seriously need a job but I know my mom won't let me to have one. :( 

I'm flying in the skyyyy! 

The flight took me 2hours and finally I'd arrived Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok City!

Self-Shot #1 before leaving the plane. :p

 Malaysia really need to upgrade la!

My home *room*  in Bangkok for the next 4days. Opposite the hotel is Central World Mall and right next of the hotel is Big C center. Quite good because I can go shop alone or go wherever I want to.

Self-Shot in my room. #2

Opposite of the hotel! Central World Mall.

Self-Shot in my room #3

The night life was all about eat, eat, eat and eat. I spend my night in Bangkok with foods I love the foods over there although all of it taste sweet *I think it is Thailand's people style. lol*

In KL, most of the people hate traffic jam and sometimes it's like you jam in halfway like THERE'S NO TOMORROW. Okay, now I found a new city which traffic is kinda same as KL. No matter where, it's just SO DAMN JAM in Bangkok for nighttime.

When you pass through the traffic light you couldn't see the end of the car queues and all you can see are effing longgggggg car queues. For example, see the photo below :

I really really suggest you guys to have a walk better than take a taxi in nighttime, and also there's a huge bridge called Sky-Walk which connected almost all of the malls. Besides you can also have a view while you walking on the Sky-Walk and also you can escape from the traffic jam.

Four-faced Brahma. Too bad I didn't get to pray it BUT whenever I pass through it I get to pray in my heart. :)
with Aunt and Cousin brother.

So I did a kinda huge shopping in Naraya and it was quite crowded, too many people and I can't even get to enjoy the shopping. zzz. I made a short and fast shopping in Naraya I guess it all are enough for me, at least now. I bought some for my family too. *Good girl huh?*

I did shopping as well in the next day*since I went there purposely is for shopping only and it is a shopping week and trip* I didn't brought my camera with me so I got no pictures, or else you can refer to my Instagram photos. *I update it daily* FOLLOW ME (username : mickeyhoh) on Instagram now, what are you waiting for?
My breakfast for Day 2! ;)

Went for Thai Massage in the night with my uncles and aunties, of course my cousin too. Kinda fun and comfortable.

Time passe so fast and it was already 3rd day I been in Bangkok.
Day 3 outfit and breakfast.

Tea-time with cousin brother after shopping, the shop name call Cafe World @ MBK Center.

I really miss my GFF while traveling in Bangkok, I always try to get WiFi service so I can talk to her. End up I made it. We Skype-ed and talk a lot as usual. I wanna to go a trip with her next time!!

I shopped in Boots for 4days. The workers in there remember my face because I went there daily and buy their products whenever I went there. So the girls suggested me to get Boots products so I can get more offers. How sweet man! I got the member card now, can only use in Thailand because KL got no boots products I guess.

I went there with a huge and half empty luggage, I came back with a huge and fulled luggage.

Suvarnabhumi Airport again but this time I feel sad because I'm going back to Malaysia already :(

The sun of Bangkok.

The conclusion of the shopping trip.
There are few places you MUST go if you going to Bangkok City.
Siam Paragon - If you want to shop some branded things you can come here.
Platinum Mall - Wholesale market, cheap and nice.
Central World - Branded things area available in here too! 
The walking street - A lot things selling beside the road, cheap and nice.
MBK - 4th floor selling cheap and nice phone cases, especially smart phones cases.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Joseph Kony 2012

Did you heard about Joseph Kony? Or Kony 2012? It's a quite famous and meaningful Video from YouTube. I usually have no time and not interested with a long film from YouTube, but I saw people nowadays sharing non-stop and so I clicked into it and wanted to watch. I'm not gonna to lie, when I first saw that video is about 30minutes, I immediately close it and click away.

I was so free tonight, so that I decided to give Kony a chance. I finally finish watching about what's happening now. For people who's not interested or do not have such time to watch that video I hope you could just finish this short video in a few minutes time. 

But still, here is the whole real video! 

Let's make Joseph Kony famous together, convey to your friends, your family, your relatives and whoever you know!! We have to help out those Children, we have to save their life, we have to MAKE IT WORK! If he ever escape from the capture, it's not only about those children, it's not about others only, it's also about YOU. I heard he was trying to change his tactics so he can avoid from the capture, WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING BEFORE HE ESCAPE IT.

There's only 3things you have to do, 
1. Share the video on your social sites, if you're blogger, blog about it *just like I did*. 
2. Share this news to whoever you meet, tell the people around you.
3. Do some donation on this LINK, IF you can.

For more information please visit to Kony 2012


Monday, 5 March 2012

Baby berry clothes on sell.

As I mentioned on my previous blog post, I had lost my phone earlier, and I am no longer BlackBerry User anymore. I have no reasons to get back an old BlackBerry model since he decided to leave me. I mean, I am not going to get 9300 Curve BB phone. So now here is the offer to you guys, to whoever using BlackBerry Curve 9300/8520/8530 only.

So normally I love to buy nice clothes for my baby berry and now he was lost with my FAVOURITE phone case, I have no chance to get it back and now all I left are only his clothe without him. What for I holding/keeping his clothes for no reason, I prefer to sell it off and then I make myself a little income.

I didn't mean to sell it off until my mom said it's useless and I am not gonna use that anymore. I want to keep it, but I have no reason. I better to sell it off with a cheap price for you guys! :) I bought it all with a quite high prices from different places, but now........yea, you know it.

7 of them, grab these clothes for your phone now!

So this is one of my Favourite phone case, with Baby Pooh Bear on it. Eating pop-corn alone, it's soooo cute! Ain't it? :) 
Baby Pooh case for BlackBerry Curve 9300/8520/8530
(not including postage)

Black Devil with the word BlackBerry under it, which was my ever first case. 
Black Devil case for BlackBerry Curve 9300/8520/8530
(not including postage)

Hot Pink Devil case for BlackBerry Curve 9300/8520/8530
RM 10 only.
(not including postage)

Biscuit design case for BlackBerry Curve 9300/8520/8530
RM 10 only. 
(not including postage)

Pink shoe with black shoelace for BlackBerry Curve 9300/8520/8530
RM10 only.
(not including postage)

Blue shoe with red and orange shoelace for BlackBerry Curve 9300/8520/8530
RM 10 only! 
(not including postage)

Yellow Devil case for BlackBerry Curve 9300/8520/8530
(not including postage)

If you're not a BlackBerry user, of course you can get it (with a cheap price) for your friends who are BlackBerry users. If you're interested with it, kindly send me a mail at or comment below the post so that I could get contact with you. Leave down your message and let me know it you're interested with my cases! :)

Saturday, 3 March 2012

It's March, already.

Hello March, I'm gonna stick with you for the next 29days later. February was just over like this, I did something which were really beautiful and awesome. The starting of March wasn't that great, I am suffering in something that I couldn't handle but I'm already trying my best to settle it down. I just hope it won't getting down, *finger cross*.

A very lucky things happen to me, I've lost my phone lately, I don't have any phone or things to contact with my friends nowadays. I was considering to buy a new phone or not, as you know I wanted to buy myself an IPod and right now my phone was lost. So what shall I buy? :( God damn, baby berry I miss you so much.

Anyway, March is coming to me and February left me officially. Time flies, too many things to do and too little time. My aim for March is really too much, I have no enough cash and time for it. Nevermind, I will start earning and saving for my targets and plans. Have you owning yourself a target? Lets share with me :)

☐ IPod Touch
☐ A new phone, perhaps? :(
☐ Tattoos
☐ Get away from troubles *I always want to!!*
Work hard and save money!
☐ Lose weight, I keep eating and I gained weight. :'( Fuck that, I jealous on those people who are skinny and they could eat whatever they want to!

What are you thinking nowadays? Okay, nowadays what I always thinking is about...TATTOOS. I don't know why, I think I got addict to tattoos again. Oh gosh, I wanna go make one as soon as possible but no way to the hell if I'm not losing any weight. Oh yeah, fuck my life. :( I hate myself, I really jealous/envy to those people who won't get fat even they eat a lot and a lot!! :(

Besides, I want to introduce you guys some really nice movies. I was watching a lot of movies nowadays and I have almost everyday as my movie marathon. Being so hardworking to watch it all but it's really too much! Trying my best alright? :)

- Day of the Dead :
A guy name Bud in love with Sarah at the first sight. The town or city got some plague or sick attacked and everyone became like zombies, they eat each other as food.  and after he became a zombie Sarah decided to save him with her and  and not killing him. End up Sarah got alive because Bud protect her when those zombies are trying to get Sarah. He saved Sarah's life for twice, he don't eat people because when he's alive he used to be a Vegetarian............*watch it yourself.*
- Child's Play
- Saw
- Mr. Mrs Smith

Right now, I am gonna moan for my baby berry. Goodbye.