Saturday, 21 January 2012


How much I do appreciate the time when you're with me. I even hope the time could stop at that moment, silly, you make me in love. :)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Summer tips.

Time really flies, summer is corner now. People love to go beach during summer, to do some activities and see hot chicks. Lol, foreigner love to get their skin darker by having some sunbathing during summer, but Asians always want their skin to be fair and fair. So they always apply sunblock or body lotions, just to moist their skin.

If you ask me what body lotions was recommended by me, I would like to tell you it is Vaseline. Before I use Vaseline as my body lotion I always saw some famous bloggers blogged about Vaseline and they do recommend it too! So now I decided to give it a try, just to see if it able to cure my dry skin and my dark skin or not. 
Most of the girls never wants their skin become dark but we never ever can hide from the sun. There are three kind of skin tones below, what kind do you prefer? 
For me, of course the right side which is the fair skin. I ALWAYS WANT A FAIR SKIN but my skin never be that fair. My dark skin is actually got from the swimming lessons when I was young, I know right swimming is healthy but it also burn your skin. 

Vaseline's products are actually different. So that, those products have also different functions and also different flavor. Such as Coco Butter, Aloe Vera and etc. Let me introduce you one by one now.

I'm actually using the pinky one, it smell kinda good! :)

Total Moisture

Beneath the surface, healthy skin is 90% water. That's what helps give our skin the strength and flexibility to protect our body. Unfortunately, we lose about a pint of water and vital nutrients from our skin as we go through our day.

Total Moisture Lotion is a multi-vitamin moisturizer. It replenishes 100% of daily hydration, along with the essential nutrients that skin needs to be vibrant and feel healthy every day.

Key Ingredients
-Vitamins A, E, & minerals - essential skin nutrients
-Conditioning moisturizers - provide 100% of daily hydration

Daily Skin Shield 

Our skin was designed with its own built-in protection from UV and environmental damage. But with today's active lifestyles, our natural protection isn't enough.

 Daily Skin Shield Lotion provides nourishing moisture plus UV protection to keep the skin strong and help defend against sun and free radical damage.

Key Ingredients
-SPF 15 - protects skin from UV rays
-Green tea & vitamin A - known anti-oxidants

Cocoa Butter Extra Care Cream

When skin is healthy, light reflects off the rich color below the surface, enabling it to literally glow. But when skin is dry, its surface becomes uneven and rough, leaving it looking dull.

Cocoa Butter Extra Care Cream is deep down moisture for elbows, knees and other trouble spots. It erases visible dryness instantly and keeps skin smooth and glowing throughout the day.

Key Ingredients
-Rich cocoa butter - helps to restore skin's healthy glow
-Conditioning moisturizers - penetrate deeply to erase dryness

Aloe Fresh Moisturizing Body Gel

Skin naturally regulates the body's temperature with its own cooling system.  But perspiration and heat leave skin feeling hot and sticky, while the environment pulls moisture from skin, leaving skin dry.

Aloe Fresh Moisturizing Body Gel glides onto skin for a sheer burst of hydration. The light aloe vera formula conditions while instantly refreshing skin.  For daily use all year round - and contains no alcohol.

Key Ingredients
aloe vera formula - instantly refreshes and soothes skin
lightweight moisturizers - replenishes skin's natural moisture balance


Amazingly, our skin renews and regenerates itself naturally every few weeks, replacing older cells with vital fresh new ones. However, this regeneration process slows down as we age, leaving skin looking dull and less supple.

Renewal Lotion with conditioning moisturizers, collagen and pro-retinol, accelerates skin's surface renewal. The result - smoother, more supple, younger looking skin.

Key Ingredients
-Immediately replenishes lost moisture and boosts radiance
-In 4 weeks - diminshes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Designed especially for hands, Renewal Age Redefining Hand Lotion combats the telltale signs of aging. With conditioning moisturizers, collagen and pro-retinol, the visibility of age spots is diminished and hands are softer, smoother.

Healthy Hand & Nails

Incredibly, our hands are made up of 5 unique surfaces. But because they are constantly exposed, they are prone to dryness, and require custom care.

Healthy Hand & Nail Lotion is formulated just for your hands. Its conditioning moisturizers are fast absorbing and non-greasy. It nourishes completely for softer palms, fingertips and knuckles, smoother cuticles, and stronger nails.

Key Benefits
-In 2 weeks - nails are 10x stronger

Healthy Body Glow

Our skin has the remarkable ability to change color in the sun. But skin damage and dryness begin within the first 60 seconds of sun exposure, long before a tan begins to develop.

Healthy Body Glow, which is available for both fair skin and also medium skin tones, gradually builds a natural summer glow without the effects of the sun. Formulated with deep conditioning moisturizers, it smoothes away roughness and leaves skin smooth, for perfectly even color and a natural looking tan.

Key Ingredients
Conditioning moisturizers - ensure even, natural looking color
Subtle color enhancers - gradually build a natural healthy glow


Our skin has an extraordinary natural elasticity that stretches with us as we move and grow. But with age, skin gets drier, elasticity diminishes and skin becomes less toned.

Firming Lotion replenishes the skin with moisture and helps restore elasticity, leaving it smoother, firmer, and more resilient.

Key Ingredients
Collagen & elastin peptides - natural spring-like proteins known to give skin its shape
Conditioning moisturizers - restore firmness and resilience

Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly is a mixture of mineral oils, paraffin and microcrystalline waxes that, when blended together, create something remarkable - a smooth jelly that has a melting point just above body temperature. The result - it literally melts into skin, flowing into the spaces between cells and the gaps in our lipid barrier. Once there, it re-solidifies, locking itself in place.

Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly serves two functions: First it helps keep the outside world out - it protects skin from the effects of weather and exposure. Second, it acts like a sealant to help keep the inside world in - it forms an occlusive barrier to the natural water loss of our skin. So skin that is dry and chapped is protected from drying elements, enabling skin-softening moisture to build up naturally from inside the skin itself.

Want to enjoy the sunbathing but you are afraid of dark skin? Get yourself a Vaseline to get back your fair skin now! :D 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


It's once been a while,  I didn't update my latest news. are you guys? I was being busy on rushing my assignment which is I actually need to submit on yesterday, and now I'm all done! I rushed it all like a crazy. Besides, i still cleaned my roomie and rearrange all my things in my room, I throw some clothes as well which is means i can buy more and more clothe in 2012!

I have my new hairstyle for my CNY of 2012, i didn't cut it because i still want it longer and longer. So I decided to perm it, since it was kinda cheap.  ME WANTS DYE HAIR. *too bad i can't because i'm still schooling, seriously can't wait for next year!*

Yayy! Actually I don't have too many new clothes for CNY, I don't know why, I guess because I always wear the new shirts and left the old one. Whatever laaaa, me will buy more and more after CNY. My hair is actually gone kinda brown, i like that since i won't be catch by teachers since I didn't dye it. TEACHERS, I NO DYE MY HAIR. :) *it's all chemical effects*

Okie, I'm gonna come back soon. Goodbye! xx ♕

Monday, 9 January 2012

To-Do-List 2012

Fyi, 2011 To-do-List was almost done, and now I have a new to do list for 2012, which is the new year. I told myself must done this all before 31th Dec 2012.

1. Get an IPod touch
I was talking about this since last year, but then I was dilemma for a month, or maybe few months? So now I decide to get and IPod touch since I can't get too many SmartPhones. :(

2. Get my driving license
It is like finally I'm 17years old this year!! I can't wait to get my driving license and fetch my girls hang out with meh! :3 Oh my god, October come faster!!

3. Getting more blog readers
More blog readers is always what i want. I know sometimes i was lazy to blog or etc, but my blog readers are always the motivation for me to blog, so I want to blog more and more in this year!

4. Travel to Thailand, around Malaysia
I always want to travel to Thailand since I never ever been there, but Rachel always go there to shop, she always tell me how fun when she was shopping over there! I jealous.

5. Study for SPM
17years old can have our own license and our biggest examination in secondary school, errr, I know right. Stress?

6. New arm tattoo
People called me Tattoo freak but actually I'm not. I just love it as an art, tattoo is an art!! PARENTS Y U NO UNDERSTAND?

7. Re-decorate my room.
My room always have many problem because of too many things inside. I shall pack the clothes that I don't want and then donate it. Clean my room, and then re-decorate my room, buy some new furniture as well. Can i make my room become more pinky? :3

8. New luggage
Nowadays travel I always using my mom's biggest luggage, I don't know why I used to bring a lot things to travel, I don't like to use other hotels' shampoo, or shower gel. I want a new luggage! A baby pink luggage. :D

9. Earn money earn money earn money!
As you can see the things in the list above, how can I get those thing without money? without cash? I am looking for a good pay works, but I don't know what to do for now, hopefully there are some great pay works for me :( Or guys, can you do me a favor? Click on my Nuffnang ads? :D

10. Get 1k of twitter followers
I started using twitter don't know when, and now my twitter followers are getting more and more, thanks to people who'd followed me. Now my twitter followers are almost to 1k!! Let's hit the numbers!

11. Blog better and harder.
How to get more blog readers? I know right, blog better and also harder! I will prove it to you guys. #godblessme

12. Diet
Always talking bout this since last year until this year, Y AM I STILL THIS FAT :( #fml

13. Be happy
No more negative thinking so I can have a happy life, I want a happy life without tears! :)

14. Gucci speedy, perhaps?
Gucci speedy, perhaps?

15.Mango Tees collections 
Don't know since when I was a MNG freak, I love their T-Shirt!! :3 I want to collect all the colours, can I? I want I want I want.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Summary of 2011

The end of every year, I used to give myself a summary of the year and check out what I'd done for the year. 2011 was a great year, I did a lot of things and got a lot of the things I want. My to-do-list for 2011 is almost done. You know how happy I am? I bet you know. 2012 ain't gonna be easy, as you know it's gonna be my last year in my secondary school, which is the place I went there around 600times in the past 4years. I'm quite happy because I'm still in the school, I do appreciate teachers who had been given me for so many chance.

When I was young(doesn't mean I'm old now) I used to hate school teachers and hate to go school. The reason why I go school is to meet up my friends only. Last year in my secondary school I hope everything is gonna be fine and awesome and the SPM is gonna screw my life up, I think. :( 

Okay, I think I should stop talking bout schooling -.- The title is Summary of 2011 not The Starting of 2012. 

1. Did my ever first vlog with my gff Gynette, I am still a newbie in vlog. I don't know what should I talk about, I will try to think next time. #hopefully

2. Got BlackBerry and DLSR (D5100) in last year, both of them make my year! ♥

3. I did traveled to the place that I love a lot, Taiwan. I never expect that I can really get to Taiwan in last year, although it was in my to do list for 2011. Everything is like....omgg, i'm so lucky!

4. Attended to NAPBAS, and captured with few of my favourite bloggers! A biggest dream of a blogger is to get to meet up their own favourite blogger. Nuffnang really brought me a lot of things.

5. Finally got my blog a domain, which is called . I hope this website will be in NAPBAS some other days. #overthinking

6. Went to Jay Chou's concert as well, it was really really really awesome. I like him.

7. Got my tattoo on my lower back, although there were kinda many things happen because of it, but i still love it okay? :) This is what I want for my own, at least I never regret.

8. To be honest, I learned how to cook in this year. Before 2011, i never ever get into kitchen and touch everything bout fire because i was kinda......afraid of it, i think. I don't know why, but right now, i always cook for fun. #crazycooking

I did 8awesome things in 2011, what about you? ;)

About my To-Do-List for 2011, I almost done everything, but still 2things was undone. Which is Juicy Courture accessories and Diet.

✔ 1.Get new sunglasses (Got it since Last year June)
✔ 2.Become BlackBerry user (I am a BB user since last year February)
✔ 3.New Camera (My present from aunt!!)
✔ 4.Tattoo (September, my sweet sixteen birthday present from myself)
✔ 5.More true friends, and a good relationship (I had one great relationship last year, i guess)
✔ 6.New Purse (Got it from Miss.T)
✔ 7.Travel to Taiwan (December trip!! Remember?)
✔8.Bling up my camera (Did it for my Digital Camera, I don't remember I post here, did I?)
❒ 9.Juicy Couture Accessories
✔ 10.New Spec (Got it from momma, but I think it was lost now. :( )
✔ 11.Learn how to drive (I think I can drive better now?)
✔ 12.Study Hard ( Class Ranking : 1 to 10) ( I DID IT!! for once. )
✔ 13.Online Shopping. *found out the best quality shop* ( I did it right? ;) )
✔14.Get my own domain : (You can see this!!! :3 )
❒15.Diet 40kg - 44kg

Anyway, thanks to my blog readers who had been support my blog and me since the moment I started blogging. I appreciate it, I love you guys! I'll be better in 2012, pinky promise. <3
Goodnight everyone.

Friday, 6 January 2012






Half day trip in Morib.

It was a first new day in 2012, I wasn't with family but friends. Should say, my new friends. We went to Morib after we back to home and ate lunch. Of course we did shower, it was a terrible thing for not shower for one day. Hermm, it's a hygiene problem okay?

Anyway, few years ago I went to Morib with momma and her friends. This is the only time I went there with my friends, kinda far for me since I stay in Puchong? I think so. Once we arrived the beach, it was an ebb time. I tried to walk to the sea which was far away from us with Celine, but she was too afraid of the little crabs and the baby crabs. 

She even said those was baby prawn!! LMAO, she keep shouting non-stop. I was like, you walk faster and leave faster la, they won't eat you one. HAHAHAHA, then I was laugh at her. (Maybe you think I'm bad, but that's really funny.)

We both decided to married to each other on the New Year eve night, it's kinda confusing thing. I don't know why, but we just simple married? LOL. I guess so, so what? Hahaha. She's a super hyper girl, like seriously hyper. She can't stop doing anything at a moment, #ihopeshecan .

 The picture I love the most!!

 If you're the one who stand beside me, this picture are perfect. 

Love forever? lol

People who loves you, deserve your care and your love.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

The last shopping day in 2011

This is the first time that I hang out with my cousin sis (Celine Lim). As you can see I said she's my cousin but we don't contact much until last time my great-grandma's funeral. I saw her again in the funeral and we added each other on facebook and exchanged our phone number. We promised to hang out together some day and we did the promise. 

It was 31th Dec 2011, which is mean that day was the last day of  2011. I planned to shopping with her at day time and countdown for the new year at night. The plan was super success, we have a lot of fun on that day and night! Day time I didn't really took a lot of photos because we've busying for shopping around. Just some random photos, so I hope you enjoy it! 

Before this, let me introduce you guys 1 food. It's oyster omelet @Pavilion, food court. I forgot the stall's name. :( It taste good, for me. I don't know whether how do it taste for you since everyone has a different's taste. :) Go and check it out.

Winter Melon Chatime + Pearl

I have only this two photos for you -.- Cause we really no time to capture so much when you're walking around and spotting the pretty shirts. Around 4something i guess? We took monorail and back to KL sentral. Fyi, I have long time ago didn't took monorail as my transport, and ever you never see that I talked about monorail. And so, I give a big try and take monorail back to KL sentral. It was awesome and we're smart since we didn't lost in anyway. *I guess?*

Say hello to me ;) 
and now say hello to her! :D

Sis's pet, Totoro.
Her new tattoo, awesome right? :D

At night, we went to Euro Hotel and of course we bring alcohol to there. :3 No alcohol? That's not a celebration. lol, i mean for us la. :p
During drinking, we have own girls time for self-shot as well :3 
On that night, there's even some special thing happened, that's not special, but...different. lol. I am not gonna talk about that, but i will share photos right now! :D

Very sweet kan? :p

Post is gonna end here, give me a break man. HAHA, just kidding. Another post coming out soon! :) Stay tunned.