Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Movie Review : CZ 12

Hi folks, I am back after months. I was so busy in the past few months due to the SPM exams and my job. So now I am here to blog again because I quitted my job and done with my SPM. The first post after months will be a movie review which is CZ 12!!! 

CZ 12, a movie filmed by Jackie Chan. I got the premiere ticket from my friend on 16 December @ Pavilion's GSC.

Well well well, guess who I see there as well? YES, NO DOUBT, I MET JACKIE CHAN IN REAL PERSON. He is super duper charming! His smiles are so bright, his skin is so firm, he is just so charming!! I melt to the max when I saw him. <3 actress="actress" adorable.="adorable." along="along" and="and" black="black" brought="brought" dress="dress" he="he" hot="hot" in="in" is="is" look="look" movie.="movie." nbsp="nbsp" one="one" p="p" shiny="shiny" so="so" the="the" two="two" yellow="yellow">

This movie is really really highly recommended by me! It's awesome and interesting, it worth you to spend about 2 hours more to watch it. As Jackie said you are not supposed to leave your seat once the movie is start. :p

Watch the trailer now! 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

After all.

It is almost two months I dumped my blog and I feel really sorry. I'd been busy and lazy for all the time. A little bit crazy over my schedule and I couldn't leave the book alone because the trail is in the corner. I am a little bit nervous bout that, to be honest I am more nervous about the FINALS. Like seriously the finals of my high school. It makes me feel terrible. I promise you that I will blog often after November is over, I will share you something interesting in December, I promise. December is my favourite month because I am gonna be freee! :)) 

Readers, I am really sorry for not updating that much but you can know my news from my Instagram ( @mickeyhoh ) , Twitter or Facebook. I will be right back okay, please come back in December! :) xoxo

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

WWF (World Wide Fund)

When I was young I used to own different kinds of pets, I considered myself as a animals or pets lovers . I love small animals! Because those big animals are too hard to handle for me. Small animals as fishes, turtle, and etc. Recently, I found a news on web which I am quite interested with it.

I guess most of you guys know what is WWF (World Wide Fund). Today I am going to blog all about WWF. As we know, there are some animals are threatened with extinction. Tigers, turtles, panda, orang-utan are only some in the long list. WWF is an organisation which work covers the broader issues of the natural environment, incorporating such aspects as policy work, environmental education, public awareness and campaigns. WWF PROTECTING THE ANIMALS WHICH THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION.

Imagine what kind of world we leave for our children, and our children’s children. I wonder if the next generations know what is tiger, turtle or panda if the animals ever extinct. Or they only can see them from the pictures and never have a chance to see it in real. Just like I will never get to see Michael Jackson or Steve Jobs anymore, I can only see them in pictures. We really have to help WWF for saving the animals! How can you help? Lemme tell you now.

Adoption (Month/One time)
Yes, it's true. You can symbolic adoption the animals from WWF. Monthly adoption by WWF doesn't cost you heavily, it just needs your RM30 & above monthly. WWF is being so caring, because you can choose for the donate amount (RM30/RM38/RM48/RM58). Besides, you can choose your favourite animals to do the adoption! They have Tigers, Pandas, Turtles and also Orang-utan. If you adopt an animal, you will get some free gift from WWF. So pick your favourite animals to adopt today! For more infomations, please visit You don't have to be a superhero to save the world or Click Here For More Information About Adopting

Every bit helps! Donating is always a good way to help the people who ever need helps! If we all work together, there are still many animals and areas rich with natural resources that we can protect. Your contribution , so please donate today, before we lose our rich natural heritage. Donate to day! Click Here For More Information About Donation

If you feel that only donating isn't enough for you, you can also be a volunteer to help WWF for more! Do the works to save the animals and you can get to know them better. By being a volunteer, you can know more about what's going on to our environments, how to decrease the extinction problems, how to save the world and etc. Click Here For More Information About Volunteer

Spread the Green Message
If you're a blogger like me, you can spread this message to your blog readers so they could know more about this, and hopefully they would do something to save the world together. If you're not a blogger of course you can spread this message too by telling people around you, send a free E-Cards to your friends & family, and etc. I found some creative and meaningful E-Cards from the website and I gonna share a few on  my blog now. Click Here For More E-Cards and Posters

You can also help WWF daily by doing these things in your life. Change your lifestyle and make a better world together. Easy and good, why not?

  • Turn off equipment like televisions, computers and stereos when you're not using them. That little red standby light means they're still using power - and that means a contribution to global warming.
  • Save water: turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.
  • Recycle your paper, glass, plastics and other waste.
  • Send e-greetings instead of paper cards. Check out the range of free WWF e-cards available.
  • Help reduce the world's rubbish dumps - don't use "throw-away" products like paper plates and napkins, and plastic knives, forks, and cups. Avoid using Styrofoam cups, plates and boxes – take away your food by bringing your own plastic container to food stalls and restaurants.
  • Take your own bags to the shops to carry home your groceries and shopping.
  • Look for products with less packaging.
  • Buy the most energy-efficient household appliances you can afford.
  • Use recycled paper.
Click Here For More Information About Live, Life, Love.

So what are you waiting for now? Let's join WWF for saving the world. Be the hero who save the world today!

Sunday, 10 June 2012







我脑袋里有很多东西,但是我不知道我应该些什么,可以写什么。让我想想...  ......



Friday, 1 June 2012

30th May Two-O-twelve

Hello hello hello! It's holiday and like a very finally I have time to hang out with friend and go to shopping. It has been like months I didn't blog about my outing post with my friends because of the photos problem. DSLR cameras are always heavy, this is the reason why I don't like to bring my camera go out with my ladies nowadays. My camera is just too....HEAVY!!! :(

So I planned to get a semi-pro camera which is Canon G12. Here, I wish again there's someone can buy for me. Never mind, I will try to get it myself as soon as possible(I think next year -.-) Back to the topic, I went out with a new lady who name Kai Bin. This is the first meet for us, we never meet each other before so I guess this will be a good chance to do so.

We went to KLCC by LRT, and both of us are actually starving because we've planned to have our breakfast at Charlie Brown Cafe @ KLCC. So we did it, as we planned. I ordered hot chocolate with Snoopy template and Kai Bin ordered  Cappucino with Charlie Brow template.

Photo from ( Kai Bin's Blog )

Photo from ( Kai Bin's Blog )

Photo from ( Kai Bin's Blog )

 Charlie Brown from a baby to a now I guess? :D

The order counter.

Some decorations in the shop. #1

Some decorations in the shop. #2

Here's our drinks, Charlie Brown Hot Cappuccino and Snoopy Hot Chocolate.

 This is the photo I posted on Instagram. Follow me @mickeyhoh

 This is the first one Instax photo I got in my life! Thank you so much to Kai Bin!! Love it much even though I look quite ugly. -.- ( From my Instagram : @mickeyhoh )

 Sandwich #1
 Sandwich #2
Please wait, you'll be served shortly. 

Here is me and my lady, Kai Bin Ching.

Yayy! Me and the snoopy hot chocolate. I started miss it already. (¯﹃¯)

After breakfast, we were walking around in the mall just for a while and we head to Pavilion (because KLCC was too crowded.) In Pavilion, we walked in the Pavilion for few hours and then I am almost....BANKRUPT. There's too many sales in this summer, and I got a lot of new things too! For this....I got no photo in Pavilion because I was too addicted on shopping and forgot to capture. I'm sorry. :/ But I got some from Kai Bin's blog. Here you go :

Kai Bin never been to Tokyo Street @ Pavilion so I bring her a tour over there because I been there for few times and always eat always there. She introduce me for something that call Mochii I guess, and then I introduce her Simino and treat her for her very first try as well. 

It is call Mochii Sweet or something else? 

Simino! Yummyyyyyy (¯﹃¯)

Besides, there's a store call KUMO by a malaysian famous model Lengyein. 

She upload a photo to insta and tagged me and Lengyein, also posted to Twitter. 
Photo from ( Kai Bin's Blog )

Guess what? Lengyein retweet her tweet. 
Photo from ( Kai Bin's Blog )

After shopping @ Pavilion, we head for high tea. If I'm not wrong the place call "Tea Salon Season" @ Starhill Gallery. Before that, I went to Sephora just right beside or in front of Starhill. As I said a lot times on Twitter @MickeyHoh I was looking for new perfume, so I went there to find out the one I wanted. But....too bad, I have no luck because they don't have Hermes perfume over there. :( I still missing the perfume I saw in BKK airport. :( 

Here are the photos of tea season : 

Don't cha love macaroons? (¯﹃¯)

I ordered the Caramel (Brown) and Lavender(Purple) flavor, and Kai Bin ordered Vanilla(White) and Rose & Lychee(Red) flavor.

For drinks, we ordered London High Tea. Taste great. ( Insta photo : @mickeyhoh )

A random photo while enjoying the tea season. ( From my Instagram : @mickeyhoh )

Oh yea, forgot one thing. We're quite lucky because the very first moment we're there, there have no music at all and so we're seated (had a walk before high tea) at a kinda good view place and there was a piano behind us and nobody was playing. But after ordered our tea and food, there was a guy playing the piano already. So guess how enjoy it is, piano music right behind us with the London High Tea and also the Macaroons. The pianist played well musics, he made us enjoy more during the tea season! I was planned to take a photo with him but it was just too awkward and embarrassing to do so, plan failed. ( ⊙ _ ⊙ )

Kai Bin took this while I'm drinking the tea, I have no idea what face is this.

The lady! 

So this is all I got that day, spent all my saving i guess? 

The pastel nail colors. Pastel pink, nude, tiffany green, pastel purple and the base.

I got this cup from Kai Bin! How cute! She bought it from Mid Valley's Mickey Mouse Fair. Have you guys been there? Oh well, I never been there because I will be mad if I go there. -.-

I think that's all for the day! See you soon, stay tuned! xx

Thursday, 31 May 2012


Remember the tiny puppy? I told you guys that Bobby Boy (no more cooper because family don't like it)  don't want to take any foods and drinks and he is so afraid of people. So one day when I was viewing my own blog, I saw the Nuffnang's ads which is on my blog was showing about Pedigree dog foods.

I clicked into their website and then read everything bout Pedigree dog foods. I found it was quite good for the pets, so the next day I went to the super market and try to get some Pedigree dog foods. Guess what I got? Yes, Pedigree puppies' foods for the new born puppies! I feed Bobby Boy with Pedigree and  he likes it, a lot! Now, everytime when I approaching him, he will come closer to me because he thought I have some foods for him. Yet, Bobby Boy learned my command which is "Sit!". When he wants his food from me I will ask him to sit if he wants his food, of course he do everytime when I ask him to.

How to train a dog? This is how I train Bobby Boy :
  When you command your pet(s) to do something and your pet(s) don't bother you, don't give up, keep going. As you want your pet to come to you, you need to have some treats in your hand first and then you call its name. Remember one thing, pet don't understand long sentence but short. "Come!" is actually enough, but if you want it to know what's its name, add its name at the first before you give it a command. "Bobby come!" Then it will come to you, after he came to you, you have to give him the treat on your hand as a reward. To tell it this is the right thing to do. Practice this everyday once and then he will remember and do what you command to it next time.

ps : Do not force or hit it, it's a dog, not human. It's right if it cannot understand what you said! 

There are a lot of pets food by Pedigree, I recommended you guys to give it a try if your pet(s) never try before! I bet they will love it very much and as their owner you will like it too! Give it a try now!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Want food?

Sit if you want your food! Like finally I already successfully to train Poppy Boy to listen to me. Now every time he sees me he is sitting because he thought I have foods for him! The dog foods rock! ;D

Daily short update, stay tune for more. xx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Why I love to gather with guys.

I wanted to post about this problem since long time ago but sometimes I have no ideas what to write or say and you know my mind was like...totally blank. So today I'm gonna talk about why the humans nowadays always gossip and saying about people like me are "coquettish".

I have no idea why can they being this old-minded. I am being close to heterosexual's friends is wrong? So all of us are not supposed to have heterosexual friends at all? Girls must sticking with girls and boys must be with boys? Oh hell, be a little bit open-minded please? If you ever ask me why don't I just go to be close to my girls friends and then stop being close with the guys' gang I will definitely give you a big slap or shit in your face. Why are you bothering about my friendships and yet you can't manage yourself a good friendship? But I will still giving you the reasons why I am closer to guys more then girls.

Got it? So just please stop bitching around about us. I care guy friends more than girl friends because I love peaceful's life, too many gossips or backstaps are seriously make me feel annoying and so tired of it. How great the life will be without these things and all we do are just enjoying the peaceful life. Such a wonderful land man!!

Just a quite short post to tease you guys because holidays are coming and I gonna have a lot of posts I guess? STAY TUNED!!  xx

Oh yeah one more thing, can you please click the Nuffnang Ads once you saw them? Thank you readers! 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Owning a pet.

Right before this, I remember I was always asking my parents to get me a puppy or a pet. I used to ask them like daily and they were really really felt annoyed with that, but I was just doing the same thing until Idk when then I stop. One of my guy friend who is recently kinda close with me is a pet lover, he owned a lot of pets. He is the kind of people who really get crazy on owning a pet and then I got a little bit infected by him. *I know right, his love is too strong and I got infected*

Remember what were my last pet? I did post on my blog, but quite unfortunately one of them was died due to sick. So I left one only and it's too lonely to be a single one so I gave it to my brother and now it got another 2friends. I think it's better than being alone in the big tank. Everyone hates to be alone ain't it?

Alright, go true the topic. So if you're one of my follower on Instagram I bet you know my dream was came true and now I really got a puppy (count as family pet too). It was a sad story about getting this puppy, lemme tell you the story. Few days ago, it was found around my house area and it was still a baby. It seriously got a pair ignorance's eyes and you know pet looks quite pity with a dirty body and tiny body shape. Besides, it was trembling when we were all looking at it, I SERIOUSLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT THOSE IDIOTS DID TO IT! You know it's so afraid of HUMAN and it don't even move a single step when there are HUMAN around it. SEE? Humans nowadays being so cruel and irresponsibility to pets!
He looks so pity, isn't it? :(( 

We decided to adopt him (it's a male puppy so allow me to called it as "him") home and try to cure his skin problem. He is just a few months baby I guess, and now he already having the skin problem and being sooooooo freaking TINY. A pet or animal shouldn't be treated alike this, THEY ALL ARE LIVING THINGS. All I can do is just give him a safety place to live and be a food and needs supplier to him. Here is the problem, because he was kinda afraid of human so he seems like refuse to eat a single thing or drink water. I think I seriously have to spend my time on him tomorrow morning. I gonna bring him to the grassland in front of my house and let it play or stay over there since tomorrow morning everyone is out for work and no one's car gonna be there. SAFE AND FUN.

Readers, people, women, men or whoever you are. If you want a pet, please don't get it by paying, adopt a pet is more meaningful than buying a pet. If you ever adopt a pet, you save a life. REMEMBER THIS, you can save other's life with your love and care. Before getting a pet, please make a deep considerations. If you're getting it for fun and you're the kind like 3 minutes hot temp people do not get a pet. Once you're their owner, then you have to be responsibility, be careful, and spend time on them. Pets are not only a living things and also a friends of human.

ADOPT A PET IS REALLY MEANINGFUL. Adopt a animal, you saved a life. 

For more information about adopting a pet, you can visit these sites :

Monday, 30 April 2012

深夜,情感。 (結束四月)

只能放舊照,最近都很懶拍照。 :x

12:14 am.


12:55 am.
家人—— ​​什麼是家人? “我曾給過你閉上眼睛捂起耳朵的信任,就算全世界都說你有錯,只要你否認,我就相信。” 這就是家人。家人對你有無限的關心無限的信任還有無限的愛。這世界上什麽人都可能因為一些事情而背叛你,唯有家人不會。我身邊有很多朋友和自己的父親感情不是很好,雖然我知道因為什麼事,但是我還是希望他們可以試著去了解。我不知道為什麼我會這樣做,可能是因為......我試過那種失去父親的感覺吧。我不希望我身邊的朋友會有任何的遺憾,和我一樣的遺憾。世上是沒有什麽問題不能解決的,換個角度,換個方式,也許所謂的問題根本不是什麽問題。







2 : 24 am. 

華小老師常常呼籲我們要不恥下問的學習;國中老師常常在我們不恥下問的學習的時候,就當我們不是人一般的羞辱,還說替我們感到羞恥;華小老師很盡責的把你不會的字或你的問題解釋的清清楚楚;國中老師很盡責的把你不會的字或你的問題丟回給你,還會反問你到底幾歲人了;華小老師懂得什麼叫尊重,她希望你尊重老師的同時她也會尊重你,即使你只是她的學生;國中老師懂得什麼尊重,她希望你尊重老師,但她不會尊重你,偶爾會用一些鄙視你的眼神看你,會說你有報應(即使你只是在課堂上小聲講話)。親愛的老師們,我沒有想要挑釁或是污蔑的成份,我所說的事情都曾經在我這11年(2001 - Now)的學習生涯中發生過,這是事實。老師們經常灌輸我們一種觀念就是 “態度,就是學習的關鍵” 可是爲什麽現在的老師態度也那麼的....“不客氣”學生也是人,我們都有人權不是嗎?沒有理由以為你們的職位是老師所以可以這樣羞辱下一代吧。老師,是一個很神聖的職位沒錯,但至今,這個職位的權利和權威已經被扭曲了。我真的希望有哪一些政府部門可以來正視這個問題。

Teachers, kindly have the proper respect to us.

3 : 12am





4:19 am.

人家說我堅強,我嘴角上揚的帶過。其實他們不懂我,晚上躺在床上閉上眼睛,眼角總會有淚,心情開始低落,眼淚滴在枕頭上,一直難過著,直到不知不覺睡著。其實,在別人眼中堅強的人,正是在夜裡哭著哭著...睡著的人。他們看見的只是表面,並不是內在。表面是什麽?是一層層的保護層吧,我猜。雨水落下來,是因為天空無法承受它的重量,眼淚掉下來,是因為心再也無法承受那樣的傷痛和疲累。每個人都會累,沒人能為你承擔所有傷悲,人總有一段時間要學會自己長大。我們都不是很完美的人,但我們要接受不完美的自己。在孤獨的時候,給自己安慰;在寂寞的時候,給自己溫暖學會獨立,告別依賴,對軟弱的自己說再見。生活不是只有溫暖,人生的路不會永遠平坦,但只要你對自己有信心,知道自己的價值,懂的珍惜自己,世界的一切不完美,你都可以坦然面對。我們這一生,注定要走一些今生認為不該走的路,愛一些不該愛的人,做一些不該做的事,但是最終的結局,卻仍是那樣的。雖然徒勞無功,但我們依然可以在過程中學到一些有用的東西。享受過程比較重要。做人,不能一昧的鑽牛角尖,這條路不通的話,一定會有另外一條路。就像他們說的 “就算老天把所有們都鎖上了,祂還是會給你開一扇窗。” 學會變通,生活難題會變得容易一些;換個角度看事情,也许不是你想象的那么糟糕。

我們總是讓在乎我們的人為我們哭泣,并總是為哪些永遠不在乎我們的人哭泣,且我們在意那些永遠不會為我們哭泣的人,這是存在於生命中的事實,奇怪但卻真實,一旦以瞭解了,改變永遠不會太遲。因為在乎一些不在乎你的人而失去那些在乎你的人,很不值得。既然他們不在乎,死纏爛打也沒用。大不如瀟灑一點放開。雖然不能擁有,但至少我們認識了,無論結果如何,若是美好的,叫做精彩;若是糟糕的,叫做經歷。告訴自己不必遺憾,至少,精彩過,經歷過。人生,就是這樣奧妙。如果人生是一本書,那麼你就會是寫這本書的人。你要多精彩可以多精彩,多幸福可以多幸福。我,是這樣告訴自己的。雖然我還是會在夜裡難過,但至少大部份的時間我還是快樂的。雖然當黑夜來臨的時候,我只能孤獨的思念某一個人... 流淚,也可以是一種解壓的方式。淚流過了,够了,就重新來過。我們改變不了過去,就掌握現在,改變明天。再忙,都不要忘了放鬆自己。靜靜聆聽內心世界的聲音,聽聽自己的心是怎麼想的。偶爾的放縱是好的,最重要的是自己快樂。沒有必要為任何人而停留,因為我們等待的只是時間,一個時機,可以讓自己改變。這一生人最大的成就不是得什麽大獎,不是成為名人,而是讓自己和身邊的人快樂。


5:38 am. 

鬧鐘響了,這篇文章也應該結束了。花了一整晚的時間把自己心裡話都說出來,我忘了睡覺。算了,既然這樣就去準備上課。新的一天,新的開始。繼續為生活而忙碌,加油,努力!各位早安! ;)