Monday, 19 September 2011

All In White


For your information, I'm here to share goodies to you guys. Everyone brush our teeth everyday, it's a must for brushing teeth. It's about hygiene and image problem. Do you like when your friends talk to you with a bad breath? I hate it, I bet you guys too. What you used for every morning? I'm using darlie as well, I might post the brushing teeth photo if I dare too. 

Darlie products is getting awesome and awesome, even their content too! When I first saw the advertisement, I was like:"OMG, Darlie is getting awesome and awesome!" As you know Darlie created quite a lot content in a year.

For this time, is much more easier than before. You doesn't need to play game or collect score for getting the prize, all you need is just depends on your luckiness. Wish you luck! Right now, I'll tell you what's the step for getting those goodies.

Step #1 : Sigh in with you Facebook Account to join the contest! 

You will see the page as above when you first load into the webpage.

Then please log in with you Facebook Account. 
*It's much more easier because you don't need to sign up and fill those annoying's data.

Step #2 : Choose the icon as the picture after you signed in. 

Let me show you what's the prizes included in this contest!


Studio Photo Session 
worth up to RM2500 x 1

The Body Shop vouchers
worth up to RM200 x 5

Vincci vouchers
worth up to RM300 x 4 

GSC Gold Class Movie Tickets

worth up to RM160 x 15

Jusco vouchers
worth up to RM500 x 3


Air Ticket Subsidy
worth up to RM2 200 x 1

A Cut Above Hair Treatment Packages
worth up to RM800 x 3

Spa Village Packages
Worth up to RM1 500 x 2

Creative Nail Boutique's Gift Certificates
worth up to RM300 x 4

Jojoba Spa Packages
worth up to RM250 x 5


Sushi King vouchers
worth up to RM200 x 5


Al-Ikhsan vouchers

worth up to RM400 x 4

Osim uRelaz and uCozy
worth up to RM800 x 3

Frangipani Full Course French Dinner
worth up to RM1 500 x 2

Louis Vuitton Handbag
worth up to Rm4 000 x 1

Step #3 : After choosing these prizes, what you need to do is go and but their product and REMEMBER KEEP THE RECEIPT! Capture it and upload to the web! 

 What are you waiting for?! You just need to spend few bucks and then you can get this goodies!! Isn't that's great? Guys, lets move! Don't wait anymore!


A very random photo with my cousin sister, we're acting weird at that time. LOL. :P

Goodbye readers, xoxo.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I want to shout, please?

*Keep on Tweeting* Randomly saw a tweet : 

"I want to finish this chapter tonight, don't disturb."

Reminded me that my final is coming on next week, the whole damn month. Exam always ruin my day, especially my birthday, like always. This is the second time I need to sit for my exam when it's my birthday. You know that, I hate it so much. I couldn't spend times with my loves, I bet everyone will just to be busy for their exam, I don't know much about myself.

Couldn't understand why parents so crazy over our study result, there's more much better things. All my parents want me to do is just to get a good result on my study, is that so important? Why not they think bout there's something more important than study which is called attitude and life skills? *sigh*

I'm supposed to be study like a bookworm right now but I didn't, I just couldn't stand the boring words, the boring books. Tell me if I could hang out everyday and then learn whatever in my text books. Urgh, why the final papers come so fast? It supposed to come after October!

Government drives me crazy, really. 

What if I'm a banana like who don't know to write and see chinese but could to speak and hear. So I'm good in Bahasa Melayu and English as my ex do. I'm so fail aaaaaaaa! Always asking momma why didn't send me to SK but SJK, I prefer SK right now. If I have children in my future, I MUST SEND THEM TO SK, I don't care. -.- SJK teachers' doesn't teach well in BM.

It's true, I swear. I know Nilai Murni only when I'm standard5, can you imagine who horrible it is? What worse is I know it because I went for tuition, not because of the school. It's suck to the max! I'm so fucking hate my primary teachers, especially who taught me BM and English. #worstteacher

I doesn't mean to insult you, I am just telling the true. Teachers, if you're reading these I hope you can improve!

Goodnight readers, I will be back to blog my outing posts some other time. Bye.


Monday, 5 September 2011

The man of my life.

As you can see on your Facebook homepage, a lot of people said that "I love you forever.", but then who knows what is the next in our life. Once you're in love and you keep telling your lover that you love him/her forever, so what if you break up? There's how many forever in your life? Ask yourself.

Yea, I did told my lovers that I love them, even very very much, but I never mention about "Forever". Nobody could get the sentence of "I love you forever" by me, I don't know why I don't tell, I just don't. Man of my life will never be my future husband, my boyfriends, and any other. You need to know who is the man of my life.

I'm super stubborn, some of my old loves said that. I will never change my mind if I did my decisions, like nobody could change. Oh well, I am super stubborn in what I believe, or maybe I'm just too insist in what I believe. The love I never change, is only for my family. You know that I don't have a perfect family, I bet no one has one, and for me, I have a family which is really good enough for me. At least, I love them very very much. I am proud to say that!

Guys want pay back from girls if he treat her good or after they done something to the girl. I wonder why they just can't treat a girl well without asking for pay back? Er, you treat a girl well just because you want her to be your girlfriend? Oh no, you're just too suck. Forgive me if you're one for them, that's really suck enough. 

Girls, please realize that who is the only one loves you until the moment he die. He loves you, cares you, help you, worries about you, teach you, and others. He never ask for any pay back, he just wants you to live well. Appreciate the loves from him, he is more older than before, life is shorter than before. Remember who is the one teach you say "Papa/Daddy"? Who is the one buy you everything when you're young? Who is the one give you a chance to live in this world? Who is the one protect you since you're a child until now?

If you got hurts by a man, you crying badly, why not you think of the man who loves you for half of his life? He is worrying you at the same time, he is hurting at the same time. You never know that what is in his mind, but yes you can clearly know that he loves you, more than everyone. Smile to him, right now. Think back what he had done to you but you never find it last time, what he had done to you but you didn't appreciate it. What you had done to hurt him, what you had done to made him disappointed.

Please think about it, who really worth your loves, worth for your tears, worth your care and he, will be the man of your life. Understand your daddy, know him better from now on. Appreciate everything before you lost it, don't step on my mistake. Regret, can changes nothing. A man who loves you since the moment you born until the moment you leave him, compare with a boy who loves you just for a few months, a few years, who worth more?

Girls and guys, let's do something together right now. Let me know if you tell your daddy that you love him, if you didn't, tell him right now! Submit for the poll below.

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I will be right back when I'm free to blog. School reopen, and I gotta busy on my assignment. Goodbye! Click on my Nuffnang Ads before you close this page! Thanks a lot my readers.