Saturday, 16 July 2011

First Plan for July - SG trip.

Never knew why today blogger's photos uploader so fast. Yeah, so I got no more reasons for delay my post! Feeling pretty sorry to readers cause I keep on asking them wait and wait for my SG post, but right now I am updating for you.

#Day 1
I don't know whether I was too excited or what, I can't sleep well at the night before I leave to SG. But I think probably bout that. Anyway, I woke up at 6am something to prepare. Headed to Sunway at 8am something. LOL, I was seriously over excited!

I am in Sunway Aeroline station. Brought my Little Berry and my teddy to SG. 

Sunglasses is a must!

I was so enjoy in the bus because there is a little screen behind every seat! You can choose any movies, songs, or games that you want to.

My breakfast prepared by Aeroline. 

Capture when I was in SG custom! Finally I reached!

After met up my little cousin Chloe and my aunt, we went for lunch in Vivo shopping mall.

Of course won't forgot to capture. :P

It tasted quite nice. :D

After our lunch, we planned to go to Sentosa. Have a nice memories in there. I went there when I am primary 6, and the trip was with all my friends! It was so freaking fun, I miss the fun, but I don't miss them. LOL :x

Tired, Nees A Ride?

My little cousin, Chloe. 

Hello Merlion! ;)

Went to this Cultural Center.

My little cousin bought this to me and she said it tasted nice. o.o

Here I am again. :x

With my lovely Chloe.

Capture while walking, luckily I did not bang the wall. o.o

And after it, we went back to Vivo shopping mall shopping again. HengTen tee is seriously cheap and nice! :3 I love this pinky tee that I bought. Love it so much much much.

Our hotel for 3day 2night.

Went out for dinner too! 

After dinner went back to hotel and sleep. Day1 was just end like this. :) 

#Day 2
For Day2, we went to shopping again. Woke up at 7am, and go for a prayed. After a pray, went to breakfast in SG's morning market. Let's photos talk a little bit okay? :)

SG MRT's ticket.

A temple for pray.

Went to Giodano to but this kind of tee. Of course, I bought one for my baby boy. Couple tee for us! :P

After bought Giodano tees for myself and baby, my mood turn to the best!

See what she acting like? I don't know too, LOL. 

She has a pair of big eyes, don't you think so?

Somewhere name "牛車水"

林志源 is nice! 

Contact them if you are going to SG! :D

We went to Marina Bay at night, mom and relative went for Casino. And me and cousin went to Marina Bay to walk around.

OMGGGGG, Chanel!!! My love :3

A live band.

My cousin bro, acting like a ghost but failed.

The ever funny thing! HAHA, Chloe block Justin's face by her butt! LOL

The couple tees that I love much.

I don't know why it is just too messy. LOL, maybe the table too small.

I miss you my girl. 

Ended Day2 like this.

#Day 3
Time pass very fast, and it's time to go home. And the time for leave my lovely place, lovely SG. Last shopping before I leave, Vivo shopping mall again.

She's tired? No, she just hiding from camera!

Last capture in hotel.

Peace SG! 

Finally I was done the SG trip post for you guys! Sorry for made you guys keep waiting. I'm done, bye readers or haters. 

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