Sunday, 19 June 2011

I'd a superman in life.

Hey, I'm here again. No idea what to blog for you guys but I just suddenly think of today is fathers day. Sunday, as a family day. I stay home for a super long time and ain't going out to anyway, I felt that these day are pretty weird because I don't online much as last time I did. I don't know why, I feel bored with these thing. And yet, I still have to online for blogging. I only want to do this, at least in this time.

Everyone shall know that my superman pass away from me since I am 13years old. 3years ago, I miss him today. It's really an unforgettable's thing in my life, never-ever-gonna-forget-about-my-superman.

Some of my friends hate their parents, their daddy, their mommy. They will never know what they have until they lose it, and once they lose it, they can never get it back. Just like me, I do regret about everything that I did.

Before my dad pass away from me, I treated him like nothing, thought him like nothing, I even said that he was not important in my life, I didn't need him. You know, I hate myself because I'd done these to him. He met me almost once in a week, it was just the 30 or 40minutes in once. But I never talked to him properly.

I'd mad at him before because he dump us and left this family, my mom take care of me and my brother for almost 10years. What can a single woman do to carry 2children? My mom is strong, even now, she still is. 

2008year, saddest year ever. Everything came too sudden, I couldn't carry what's going on at all. Parents, brother, cousins, relatives, no one told me what going on until the day I heard that from my grandma. Everyone lied to me at the same time, what can I feel about that? I think I will never know what's wrong until the moment my dad die if my grandma didn't tell me the truth. 

At the moment he closed his eyes, relax his body, release his pain, release his soul from his body, I cried. What I can say is, I'm glad that he accompany me to past my 13years old birthday but not 14years old and so on. I'm glad that he don't feel pain anymore. I'm glad that I don't have to see him in pain and I sitting beside and I can't do anything at all. 

Can you imagine how pain or how hurt I am when I saw him in pain? It's hurt, a lot, so much, I can't carried it. Absent to school 3weeks because of daddy, to do everything for him as his daughter, the last time

Guys, appreciate what you have now. Especially about your family, do not hate them. Parents are who made you born and giving you a live. You can care nobody but not including your parents. Don't forgot who's the one taught you to say "daddy" and "mommy", who's the one clear your dung when you're still a child, who's the one taught you to walk, who's the one taught you to speak. 

Love your family before you regret about. Nothing impossible to do, unless you don't want to.  :)

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers in this world.

For people who reading my long blog post, have a nice day and god bless you. Not much outing post because school restarted, not going out anywhere until July! Make it as secret until I back from the trip. :P 

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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

There is someone.

Have you ever have someone like this?

He did everything for you, unrequited. He don't cares whether how he feels, he just wants you to be happy always. He try his hard to do everything that you asked for. He miss you like a crazy when you're not talking to him or be with him. He always blaming himself but not you, even thought that is not his fault. 

He respects you as his girlfriend and always puts you first in his heart and life. He moody because you're moody too. He try to comforts you everytime when you're not in mood, he never gives up. He don't force you to do something that you don't like but he force himself to do something that you like.

He makes some changes about himself just because of you. He doesn't cares what people say about him and he just wanna love you and to be with you. He cares you like caring a baby, never let you fall and never let you hurt. When he was injured, he still walked to school and all this is just to see you. 

Boy, I've no idea why do you loves me this much even you're over than me. I thought I was crazy in love with you but actually I am not. You're the only one who crazy in love with me. You heart me, care me, love me, miss me, and everything, all these show me how you really love me. 

I'm still having a bad habit and bad temper to you. Sorry for that and I'm trying to change, just for you. I'm seriously easy to get mad or angry on you, I am sorry, but these just because I care about everything you did or about you.

I just don't know how to make things better, but I hope I could stop my bad temper. Sorry bay, and I love you. 

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Japanese food!

You know right, I know right, Japan still having a big problem after earthquakes. But nowadays I still eating Japanese food, you know right it is just too tasty! Ain't showing off but wanna show you guys. Sashimi, is always my love. 

Without lenses and makeup on.

Last photo of the day! End this post and end this day. Goodnight readers and my lovely friends. I love you guys more, and more. Click on my Nuffnang's ads wehh. xoxo

Monday, 6 June 2011

A small trip increase our relations.

Hey, I am back from Kajang. A pretty small trip with my family and relatives, as you know that my second week is actually for my family and relatives. So we created a small trip at Sunday until today, we don't care how long is the trip, we just want to have fun. 

Very unlucky because we had a bad neighbors at there, an old lady. She's pretty busybody everything about us, I just don't know why. *Maybe she's too lonely.* LOL. She even tried to argue with us and because of something lame. She's a bad neighbors ever! I don't know what's wrong with her.

*I'm wearing MU's tee*

We ate our dinner at 6pm, I know it's early but no choice. LOL. 0.0  
Steamboat time!

Our drinks, of course are beer and and some others for parents. *I don't know what to called.* Slept at 12am because we need to wake up early tomorrow. 

Woke up at 8am, and went out for some sports. Like cycling, basketball, swim and etc.

 I love this kind of house.
 Cousins playing basketball. Me and another one cousin sitting beside for watching them. 

 I saw this and cousin asked me to capture, I don't know why. 

 Gandma capturing the lake.

 Uncle should come here to fishing. 

My little cousin, without his teeth.

 We rent this for cycling, this suck man. -.-

 Been forced to smile? LOL
The swimming pool.

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Happy Dragon Boat Festival & Rice Dumpling Festival.