Friday, 27 May 2011

I wait this for a very long time.

Hello everyone! So how was my Makeup Tutorial? Is that suck?good? or lame? Haha, gimme a comment! Well, I am so damn tired now but yet I am still here to update my blog because I could saw some dust here. I hate that when I want to blog but I don't know what to blog about. :(

Hello to all the students! We got our own freedom right now, IT'S HOLIDAYS!! You know right, I wait it for 757412812489days ago. I can't wait for my holidays plans now, just wanna make it all happen! Let's make my schedule full full full! :3

For your information, I am going to Malacca again in this holidays, with my buddies and my girl.

During this week and last week, lot things was happened to me. I smile when I facing to people, even I know that I can't but I still forced myself to do that. I don't like people worry about me, maybe that's just my feeling, they shouldn't cared too much. *Maybe I am lying in this moment.*

I am not the kind of girls who could bear everything by themselves, I am not that strong I admitted. I even wanted to hide from everything that was happened to me, you know right that's too hurt. I just wished to hide. Sorry.

Anyway, will to share it in next post.*Actually I don't know when I will share. :x * Lastly, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO THOSE STUDENTS WHO VIEWING MY BLOG, YES IT IS YOU!!

If I got 100LIKES for the MakeUp Tutorials, I will consider for sharing the others MakeUp step or tips. :D Show my your love and your support!!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

I don't teach, but I show the way to do.

Daily makeup / Natural makeup

Hello everyone! As I said, if my latest post got more than 30Likes I will to share out the way I makeup always. I don't have a nicer makeup way for now, I am still looking for it. However, hope you are enjoy with this tutorial. Don't fight with me about it, since you know I am not good in these.

All you need is :
- Gel Eyeliner
- Eyeliner pencil *If you do not have any eyeliner pencil, you can replace it by your eyeliner.*
- False Eyelashes
- Double eyelid glue *If you're single eyelid*
- Eyeshadow *If you want*
- Mascara
- Lip Gloss
- A pair of lens

Step 1 : Put on your lens.

 I am using Sugar candy Hazel.

Step 2 : Apply double eyelid glue on your eyelid.
Apply it gently. 

 I am using Eyetalk as my double eyelid glue and my false lashes glue. I LOVE IT MUCH!

Wait for 15 - 30second or wait it until it become transparent, adjust it to the eyelid width that you want.

It is done!

Step 3 : Use your Eyeliner and apply it on Upper Inner Eyelid.
Apply it gently, do not hurt your eyes!

See that? 

Eyeliner pencil from by Maybelline Eyestudio.

Step 4 : Apply your Gel Eyeliner.
Apply it until the end, do not expand the length while you are applying it on your eyelid. 

After applied your eyeliner on your eyelid, before expand the length of eyeliner.

And now, you can expand the length of the eyeliner. Expand it carefully. 

This is what you had did on your eyelid! Look better?

After you done this step, your eyes will look alike this.

Eyeliner from Maybelline. It has a fair  price, suitable for everyone. Especially for students.

Step 5 : Eyeshadow.
 Use your ring finger to touch the eyeshadow so you can apply it later.

Apply it on your eyeliner and your Upper Eyelid.

I'm using this from . 

Step 6 : Put on your False Eyelashes.
Curl your own eyelashes before you put on Mascare and False Lashes.

I love this Mascara. 

*Girls, I forgot to capture when I am applying the mascara! So SORRY! :( *
Skip the the False Lashes part!

Apply your lashes glue on the lashes root. 

 Put it on end part of your eyes.

A very cheap False Lashes from morning market. I don't like to waste my money on False Lashes, I don't know why.


Tips :
Cut it like this so you could have more lashes to use! Save your money, save the world. The shortest part always the front part!

Compare to two! You know it? 


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Saturday, 14 May 2011


对着电脑,点击这个点击那个也可以买到漂亮的衣服?当然可以!而且不只有这样,价格也不贵哦。大家跟我一起走,发现新事物吧~~ :P


我是怎么样发掘他们的?朋友介绍的。当初我一直很想要网购,但经过曾经一次的网购后,我害怕了。因为我花了RM30却得了一块烂布回家,我受骗了。/.\ 鸡蛋炒鸭蛋,骗我的那人一定会有报应的!!t(-.-)

他们没有令我失望,反而让我对他们有更加多的信心。他们向我保证说,汇款过后的3天内一定会拿到货。果然,他们做到了!此外,他们家的衣服可说是琳琅满目,应有尽有,超赞的啦。我还想再买野,可惜我钱包缺血,不然我可定会在光顾他们。 /.\

 他们家的面子书。 点击这里

他们家的网络。 点击这里




p/s: 我没有在帮他们卖广告,我也没有收下他们任何一点钱。我的这一片部落格只不过是要和你们分享好康哦!信不信由你吧。

好啦,我的分享也完了。有时就留言吧,没事也可以留言。 xD

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

You've been there, for me.

My eyes pretty weird after put on lens. 

Not really a boy could see how I cry for them before, and you are the only one for now. How much I regret I did it, how much I dislike I cried in front of you. There is no one, could make it on me. 

I hugged you tight, as a goodbye hug but actually it is not. You asked me why do I hug you so tight, I did not answered you. I hugged you tight because I do not want you to leave me, I just want to hug you that tight in a silent mode. Baby, you did it. You did comforted me in that moment, thanks for your hugs. 

I do not used to be a sweet sweet girl, even to my boyfriend. I am not that kind of sweet girl, and I will not change anything on me. Just because of you love me. I do not care how do people judge about us, I do not care what they say about us, as long as we know we are in love.

You know I mind lot things about before, but right now everything is okay. For me, for you, and everyone. I am just too in love with you, and I hope you too. You've been there for me, and me too. I hope you can remember our promises, not to break it all. Can you? 

Baby, remember that I love you as you love me

Sunday, 8 May 2011

It's a women day, and also a birthday.

We celebrated our Mother's day and my cousin brother's birthday in the same day. But too bad that I got school yesterday or I will make something special to my mom and my cousin. Sorry that I am not giving anything on that night, but I will give afterwards. 

Back from school, took a nap and woke up. Bath, make up, dressing and everything make it fast and fast. The first time i make up so fast because of cousin keep rushing me about. So no choice, just a very very suck  make up for that day. *I knew my make up skill is not that good.*

Baby keep asked for not to make up on my face because he dislike that I make up always, but I make up for myself and not for him. So he had been ignored. :D 

Here is some photos talk! Enjoy with it. :) *Lot of photo in my cousin sister's cam.*


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