Thursday, 31 March 2011

No others, just us.

Remember that what I was upset about the books thing? I am so fine now, everything getting well but not their attitude. Should say, they never mean to change their attitude. 

I do not remember we spend how long time on this competition, and we were spend how much on that. We did nothing when we got the memo, but seem like no one take action on that so four of us did. Everyone is doing nothing, and they are totally helpless. Seriously, that is pretty hopeless if you want them to do something. I never mention anyone or tagged anyone, so shut up. 

Okay, I spend lot of time for doing this things. Even I was do these until every midnight, and keep texting with friend so I would not feel sleepy. I want to done everything before the deadline, of course my girls did HELP ME A LOT!

There is 37 students in my class, but only 4 students are preparing for the competition. Me, May Ghee, Wei Min, and Shee Wen. You know, we done everything by ourself. Me and Shee Wen were really spend lot time on it even our sleep time. We are trying our best to get the first place, I swear. 

She is doing the seat table.

And this two are doing their own things. =='

This is a board in our class, WE DID IT VERY WELL.
*do it look nice for you? :o *
35 students attended, where is the other 2?

Let me introduce him to you guys. He is a prefect as you can see, and he is the ONLY Malay student in our class. He is definitely different with other Malay, he is the best in my Malay friends I think. I met him since Junior One, he is actually nice. :)

The two guys who sitting behind me. :)

The Malay guy kick my chair and when I turn my head to back, he asked me to capture this! HAHAHA.
Sorry David, I must upload this. This is freaking funny for me!

Oral test was just started today, and.........I did not prepared anything yet. :x

We realize that 3 of us was stick together in the Name List. 

Okay, so in the end we done it very well.
Kegunaan : 28% / 30%
Kecerian : 19% / 20%
And I was forgot the others marks. Anyway, the lastly highest marks was our class. If I am not wrong, I am not sure about that because everything was depends on Teachers. We got 85% I think.

White mix Blue Carnation make by me. :)
 That is actually a Tissue Paper if you notice it. :D Please tell me that is NICE! x)

My class is actually perfect if without their bad attitude.

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Tuesday, 29 March 2011









各位晚安,我得去赶功课了!再见,我会尽快更新的,我正努力着。 :3

Monday, 21 March 2011

Just the way I am.

Did you actually found how long time I update my blog for once? If you did, please tell me. 
Aite, everyone who are reading my blog will know that I was joined the contest on . Yeah, I won for the 3rd. I can't get the mug as what I wished to get, but I still get a little prize from Daphne. Really thank you so much. 

Really, thank you!

Holidays ended, students back to school. That is what must happened in today, and my mood is really down down and down. No sleeping in the whole silent night (that is really killed me), I want to talk to you but you do not, so I better leave you alone. But what if I miss you? Just can being waiting, unlimited time waiting. I am just too sensitive and maybe I am just too........incredulous. I admitted that I am, so because of that I make lots of problems. IHATEFORBEINGTHIS,BUTWHYIAMSTILLDOINGTHIS? IDON'TKNOW. I know that he will not read my blog, so better stop now or my readers will beat me up. 

Well, every blog post that I posted, i did mean to find something to talk to you guys. But you know, my brain was stuck for very long time. And you guys never gave me a comment to ask me everything so i had been given up to try. Ain't, maybe I am just too tired. 

I told my friends that I am going to the sport training and everyone's respond was just "What for going?" "Really want mer?" "Wasting time lar." For you, it might be wasting your time but not for me. My time is just too much, and I had been doing something so fucked up. So I rather to join them and give a new try to myself, even though I think I am not going to SUCCESS! HAHAHA 

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Friday, 18 March 2011

Purse bleeding, for get my happiness.

It is time, is time to post my outing post for my lovely readers. (Are you really lovely? Ask yourself. lol )
Aite, not being that boring. Should to post now, no matter how many post in a day, I must post now. I'm being so fcking late already. 

Went out with my sweetie C.Rachel. She's freaking cute, the first time that I met up with her. No doubt, she is a mad shopper, just as me. Both of us are very congenial, does not same like others. I'm quite bored outing with someone who I am not close with. 

First venue : Sunway Pyramid
We planned to shopping together before holidays, and now we make it! But seriously, sunway is not a good mall to shop for me. The fcking price could kill me badly, the people is weird than weird(I did not mean you, I mean about seafood.), the style is not as mine. My shopping day just like \(-.-)/. Fed up.

Just a while we been in sunway, we took taxi to Bukit Bintang. Where we love very much, crazy shopper favourite venue, perhaps? 

Things I bought : : 0

Second venue : S.Wang

Bought lot of stuff over there, as what I said, there is really my favourite place. The thing that make me more happier is, there is SUPER LESS people over there that day. I do not know where were them gone to, but I like it because it is really nice to shop when somewhere is lack of people.

Things I bought : pant, top, bag.

Third venue : Pavilion

Pavilion to get my love! Chatime. I am so in love with it, that is really tasty! (Y)

Things I bought : Chatime.

Fourth venue : Uniqlo

I did mean to get something I like in Uniqlo, but I can not found any thing is nice. I think that day my eyes problem was very serious, how can I get nothing in there? Holy cow! Is okay, at least I bought something for myself. 
Things i bought : 0

Fifth venue : Time Square a.k.a TS
Few hours ago, my leg is hurt like a crazy! I can not stand for it anymore so I planned to buy a pair of new shoe for myself. This will be the ever first time my leg is hurt because I am wearing heels. Yeah, the ever first time. Sweetie bought a pair of shoe too! :3
Things I bought : New Shoe! <3

Sixth venue : Mid-Valey
Went back to Mid-Valey when it is evening time. Sweetie's mother work over there, so we put all the trophies in the shop and we go and have a meal, the first meal. I am so hungry while we are looking for a restaurant, it might because of my purse is almost empty. I have only 100bucks in my purse. Hell Yah!
We decided to go Oh Sushi for dinner, and it's sooooooooooooooooo delicious! Yummy!!


Walking here, there, anywhere because we got nothing to do. I bought a new eyeliner gel again. It is brown in color! Love it much, very much, very very much. Of course I bought a new purse because my last purse was lost, I do not know where the hell I put it to. And so, I better get a new one just as well. 
Things I bought : eyeliner gel, purse.

Seventh venue : The Gardens
Went there for nothing. Because you know right, my purse is so empty. Just walking around, and looking on my favourite brands. That is all, I will get them if I got money! :(

Me is fucking weird in the photo. Hell, my face is weird.

Back home around 2015. I am so tired, but it is worth!
So now I am gonna show you my new things :

New Purse

Shoe from TS

Bag from S.Wang

My purse and bag. *Don't think i am crazy in love with bow. Actually i just like it. 

Brown Eyeliner Gel from Maybelline.
Nah, that is enough, i am not going to share the clothe and the pant with you guys! HAHAHA, forgive my selfishness. Just forgot about it!
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End this post with my failed photo! Bye.

Sasa 33rd Anniversary.

Before i post my outing post, i got something else to post on my blog. Well, it's a MUST.
Everyone wold know that i am pretty crazy in cosmetic, everything i do have a try. But, i am the one always bankrupt because of buying cosmetic o shopping.
It might be a very late post, i am so sorry to you. It's still working now, so i decide to share it as soon as possible. No-Matter-What!

Sasa 33rd Anniversary! Just have a look if you are lack of cosmetic, these might help you lots.
Just a short share post! Be back later, bye.
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Monday, 14 March 2011

I love because....

While i login to my Facebook, i saw this on my home page. CLICK HERE
The mug is pretty cute so i gonna try my BEST BEST BEST to win for it, at least i have a try. I just hope Daphne will have a look over here. I'm your biggest fan! Not the electric fan okay? HAHAHA. 

I love because :

#1 She's pretty cool.
Everyone of my good friends will know that i always "stalk" her. I visit her blog everyday, because she's not using blogger so i could follow her. I can only visit everyday and make sure that she did updated or did not. And why i am saying she's cool? That's because of her photo. Her photo look cool but not cruel, seriously i want to be like that but *failed*

#2 Her vlogs.
Her blog readers will know that she did vlog for few times, and that's really really really funny! Especially the "malaysian chinese". If you don't know that vlog, you better not to say that you're her bigger or biggest fan! She bring laugh/happinese to me, because of her vlogs i could laugh very long time. 

#3 Her love.

Is all about her love to her mom, i like those post much. Her biggest fear is PAIN, pain can kill her i think. :x But she bear all the pain, and get a tattoo(which full of pain) as her mom birthday present. She tattoo her mom's name on her body, it's a chinese word "珍" . How touch and lovely it is?

#4 For learning better English?
Her English is good enough for me, and sometimes i can learn new words on her blog. Might said that my English level is too low? I think so, but whatever that's not the point. The point is i can learn new words from her blog! :3

#5 Share the good things *sharing is caring*
Look true her blog, you can found lots good things that she shared to us. Something like, cosmetic suggestion, BlackBerry Bold 9780 in Celcom, delicious snacks and etc etc. I hope she could make some make-up tutorials next time! Haha. 

#6 I love her make-up
I know this is very insane, i love her blog because of her make-up? Err...well, i just telling the truth. I am trying to make-up like her but failed every time i don't know why. I really really really really hope she will make a tutorials some other time. Daphneeeee, pleaseeeeeee. 

The latest vlog from Daphne is about Jay! She got lots Jay's collection. Album, key chain, photograph, cardsssss and etc! But so sad that she was not attended to Jay's Chou Era Concert in 2011. I don't know why, but i hope i can see her next time when Jay is coming to M'sia again! Jay Chou Fans High 5!

#8 Her Ideas. Do-It-Yourself.
She shared lots DIY clothe before. Cutting her pants, her shirt and make it born by the new way. She don't waste? I think so, but i don't know why she can make it so perfectly. I tried before, but make lots failed things. Seem like i am wasting actually. GOSH -.-

#9 Her insane. 
She is being insane when she with Jane. They are best friend, as i know. I like to see when they vlog together, that's cool and funny. The most i like is THIS VLOG. The funniest! 

#10 The way she live.
While i read the blog, i know that she appreciate everything in her life. Ya, every single things. She wrote out her feel, her past, her story. And i read it, feel it, and understand it. People might dislike her but i don't, because i love her, her life and her style. * I am not a lesbian, don't think to that way okay? -.- *

Alright, i am all done! I have no idea what else i can write about. So now, i gonna spam her and let her to read my blog post! Daphne Daphne Daphne, here i com! :3

God, give me luck so i can get the Mug from Daphne~! God Bless Me, may Daph bless me too? LOL, just kidding! 

Mickey Copyrighted!!