Monday, 31 January 2011


Hey readers, it's a raining day in M'sia. Raining whole day, non-stop. I hate it because it's so cold and many people will fall to a bad mood when raining. Same as me.
I like to shopping, but i am not a shopper because of cash problem. I bet there's lot of girl would same as me, like to shop but we can only window shop when we are in cash problem. 

But today i went to Sunway with momma and cousin sisters. Shopped for 10hours, and get a little things only. So damn sad man! :(

Got some cosmetic, pants, belt, and also 3necklace! Teeeeheeee  I love them so muchiee :D 
I spend lots today, momma and cousin sisters too. *Not going to tell how much is that. :P * 
Let's photo talk now! ;)
"SS" in car. lmao :P

We used to "SS" when my momma is in the fitting room. ;D

The last photo of the day.

 Got my new cosmetic from Sasa. :D

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End the post, goodbye and goodnight readers! ;) 

Thursday, 27 January 2011

New Things.

Hello readers! I skip school today, because i was late. :(  So now i am so damn free to update my blog for you guys. *actually not*

I got new thingiee in this week. Check it out!
Before you read this post, read my To Do List For 2010. I'll wait for you. :)




Ready? Go!
Yes, i got my own BB in this week. I done the first thing in the List is Become BLACKBERRY, or Iphone user. Never ever though i will get it so fast! Thanks momma, i love you. :)
And i gave it a new name, Little Berry. I tried to translate it to chinese, become 小莓. Is that cute? LOL, hahaha. Little berry is naked now, i want to get some clothe for it, perhaps?

All photo shoot by me! HAHAHA, just because i am a little bit bored when i am doing my homework.
Hey human, look at this! So freakin' CUTE!

People! Please buy me these cover! OHMYGOSH, ADDICTED IN THESE DEVIL.
Hahaha! That's so damn cute man! I want to collect all color if i can get it! :3 Teeeeheeeeheeee


The Second Thing Is :

This is a thing for straightening hair. Pink in color, and it's so small size! Teeeheee. Don't ask me where to get this, it's not selling if i am not wrong. Momma get it because she bought some facial products and she get it for free. :D I never used this before, since i am not going anywhere. I will test it asap. :P

Out of topic.

The new product from Oreo or what? Herm, i don't know. I don't like the taste, i don't know why. I feel that's so weird. I ate this as my breakfast, and so i post it right now. :P

Milo + HL is always my drink for breakfast and lunch. It is really nice, i drink it almost everyday. People, you do test it! :D Just Do It! :P

Alright, i am done! Readers, please click my nuffnang ads before you leave. Thanks much! :)
I love you guys! :D

Sunday, 23 January 2011



上个星期,在学校上体育课测了体重和身高。体重就不说了,只能说我是时候减肥了。而身高呢......我真的真的太矮了啦!在我这个年龄来说,正常的身高多数是160厘米+,而我这个矮子呢只有153厘米。我的天啊,我只长高了两公分嘢!!太恐怖了。 :( 

老娘今年16了,怎么还是这个高度。 *叹气*  该怎么长高啊?我真的真的很想知道。很多朋友都取笑我的高度问题,导致我改变了我的想法。以前的我总觉得矮,不是一件坏事,反而是一件好事。因为再高的高跟鞋我都能穿,反而有的高个子的人就不能穿。这不是一件好事吗?

但是,最近常常听见“朋友们”取笑我矮个子的事件。个子矮是罪吗?个子矮,我想吗?我也很想长高啊,你教我该怎么做嘛。*叹气* 我就是个子矮!怎么样?请你别再取笑矮个子的人了,不是我们想的。

高个子的人们,能不能告诉我你们长高的撇步(tips/贴士)?我真的需要它们。 :/ 别叫我喝多点牛奶,因为我把牛奶当水喝了。留个言给我好吗? 感激 

我的头发掉色了!hohoho,终于掉了啦。 :P 看看看看看!有点颜色了,我爱死了。头发啊头发,继续这样好吗?继续掉色,但别掉发就好了。 :P

 不再是黑色了! :P


很多人的笔都会出现这种问题,包括我也一样。 -.-''
墨水不容易干,就印在手上了,也会把书弄脏。 :/
套在尾指上! :D  就不会出现那种问题了。 :P
“康熙来了”陪伴了我这个做功课的过程,我爱小S! :P

读者们,请记得告诉我长高的撇步。拜托 ><

Thursday, 20 January 2011

I am not lazy.

Hello readers! I am so guilty because i am not blogging nowadays. I am so pretty busy for my school life. There is so many homework, work, notes, books i must to done it all. And until now, i haven't finish it yet but i am here to blogging for you guys. I DON'T WANT TO LOSE MY BLOG READERS. READERS, DON'T LEAVE ME KAY? :)
I am not lazy to blogging!

12 01 2011
Went to Jay home after school, we did something so stupid ehh! Show you now.



She make me cough! :(


She coughing? No, fake one. -.-

It really taste nice! 

The most normal photo of the day!

15 01 2011
Went to IOI Mall with Jaycee and Kelly. Ate "Gui Ling Gao" with before went to Popular. 

After "Gui Ling Gao" and Popular, met up Gabriel and had our lunch together.
Little Pantry.

Gabriel. :D

 Jaycee Goh, the cutest. :P

 Kelly Wong.

Jaycee & Mickey

Gabriel and Her kai jie.

 I keep recalling my memory why we are laugh, but my brain is totally blank. 

Jaycee got shock? :O 

 My lunchhhhh 

Kelly & Jaycee's dessert. 

I bought the mickey and mickey's hand accessories for Jay, she love it so much. :P

After Little Pantry went to our favourite place, STARBUCKS!! Keep capture in Starbucks, and talk lots craps. It's fking fun! :P Girl like Gossip! :D

Mickey & Darling Gabriel

This is mine 

I'm so ugly when i am with her. fml. -.-

4 of us! :P

Darling Gabriel's chocolate hazelnuts. HAHAHA within COCO powder!  

Acting like Jay Chou? :P 

Weeee, perasan-ing. 

Everyone are listening to Kelly, but not me.

Passport photo? :O 

 Opss, our table is messy!


Gabriel & Jaycee (Jay Chou Super Fan!) 

Mickey &Jaycee.

The Group Photo :D

2 photo of mine. ^ ^v

 Bought these from Popular.

I love this Bearbear biscuit so badly!

16 01 2011
Went to Mantin for visit Biaosau, she kena NS. Miss her so much ehh. :D

 Bought this for Biaosau.

 BiaoJie and BiaoGe. :P

Pinky octopus.

18 01 2011
Got my new Headphone! Love it much 

 Aha! :D

My messy study table! =='

19 01 2011
Pink Day!!  So asked Carmen lee to accompany me go to BR! OMG, i found new love again. But it's really FATSSS. I can't eat every week, but 3month once is enough for me. Since i am getting fatter and fatter. ON DIET! :)


She reading the specification of her new phone.

Her ice-cream. :D

20 01 2011
Stay home and doing homework, and blogging for my blog readers. I love them much. :)
And one! I don't know why my hand gone like this!

Alright, i am done now! Goodbye people, gonna continue my homework! See you guys next time, glad to know that you guys are still here.  Will blog again later, if i got time. Bbye! Click on my Nuffnang ads please and thanks! :)  Your click is my impetus for blogging!