Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Opening of New Chatime @ Setapak

There was a new Chatime @ Setapak, as you guys know I went to the opening. Of course never forget to bring along my camera to capture this and that and blog about that day. There was crowded, quite a lot of people. I know right, Malaysians love everything from Taiwan. Chatime is always the good example. 

I love Chatime as well, I did even drank it 5times in a week. People who read my blog will know why I drank so many times in a week. I'm not crazy, really, I didn't bought it but someone send it to me. So, why not I drink it since it was free on charge? 

I was on rush that day, I always overslept. I don't even have time to eat my breakfast and drink anything. I done myself in 15minutes #thefatestever Chatime was my breakfast, it make me full. Again, free on charge because I work for them, LOL. 

I like this kind of shop, upstairs are more enjoyable. 

Special one, the boss's wife made it for us.

A lot of workers.

Can anyone tell me what is it actually? 

The white shirt fella handsome kan? I don't think I'm able to tell who is him.

 Lions dance.

Welcome to Chatime @ Setapak

Goodbye! ♥

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

✈Penang Trip Day2 & Day3

We had our breakfast in Hotel, we thought there should be some bacon or something else that we like. I think we've expected too much, there's nothing better to eat. #imserious , I MISSING TAIWAN'S BACON BADLY.

Me and Juju were freaking disappointed because we don't have bacon to eat :'(( 

Outfit of today? I think so. lol

I'm fat and i know it, fml :( 

Everyone has their on wishes.

My zodiac is pig anyway, know.......

Aunt loves dog a lot a lot and a lot. 

Tokong Ular here I come :3 

Ss in the car car carrr, *lalala*

Can you ever spot the snakes without looking at my next photo?

QueensbayMall's decorations for Christmas.

After penang trip, I really hate to go to those temple, you know it's really really boring. We couldn't do anything in there except praying, what to do? :( The ever boring thing to do in a trip #visittotemple

After those freaking long time visit to temple, we head back to hotel and rest. I LOVE HOTEL at the moment -.-

Juju with his new hat that I just bought in penang! :D

Okay, and then we went to eat eat eat and also sleep. You know right, we can't do too many things in Penang since it's boring actually. Unless I go with friends and we have a lot fun in hotel room. 

Swim in the pool around 2something(because we've woke up late), went Penang for 3days and we swim for 2days. Such a good swimming trip. lol

After swimming, we went to Hard Rock Hotel's beach. The beach was really really really awesome and pretty. There are some foreigners look super beauty and handsome. Omg, I'm so in love with foreigner, lmao.

My new hat bought in Penang. 

Like finally I'm in here!! 

I wanted to play this, but too bad because i was wearing skirt, so....i didn't get to play that. :(

At night, we went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. The foods taste good, although the price was kinda expensive. It is worth anyway! Go and try it, if i'm not wrong, KL got one Hard Rock Cafe too. I'm really tired now, so let photos tell you everything about the night.

Grilled salmon steak is awesome!!

Kid's meal.

Quite cute.