Friday, 31 December 2010

Summary for 2010 ♥ Happy New Year!

Bonjour readers, i am here now and blogging for you. :D

- This year was kinda awesome. I make lots of new friends, new things, new style and a new life! 

- Improved my English, although not really much but at least it's better than before. 

- I owned this blog from Jan, and i blog almost 290posts on this blog.  I love to blogging so damn much!

- mickey in the house 's(my bloggie) followers getting more and more! From 0follower till now 151 followers
I love you my readers and followers! 

- got people like me of course got people hate me. and the one who hate/dislike me was kinda...crazy because he/she used to talk to herself/himself. LOL, just get off please.

- I feel i my mind is getting ... sanguine. That's a good thing for me! xD

- In loved before, but now i am still single and also available. Hahaha, anyone wanna adopt me? xD

- And this holidays i started my diet plan and now it was failed! :@ Wanna start it again! :(

- I'm still trying to improve my makeup skill, i wished i can be better and better!

- Spend lots this year. So i wanna be more economize, next year. So i could hang out everyday when i am in holidays.

- Had a nice memories with my girls on Genting, it would be the first time i went to Genting with friends. So fun with my girl i miss them fucking much! :3

- I wished there's no one could hate me next year. I'm not that not friendly lar okay? I am a friendly girl lar dude, try to talk to me kay?

- Here's some my wishes. xD
`Nokia E5
`Good relationship with the one who i love
`Gain height
`Lose weigt
`$$$$$$$$$$ need cash so much!!!
`GF-1 (White or Black)
`Have surprise from anyone of my friends (yeah you know, my friends don't really know how to make surprise for me. :( )
`more followers for my bloggie
`everyone could love and like me xD

End the post right now. Au revoir my love, au revoir my followers, au revoir my readers.


Sunday, 26 December 2010


Bonjour, 我來更新了。

每次我用华语写部落格的时候就是我想写emo post的时候。






我 虽 然 单 身 , 但 也 很 幸 福 。

爱 , 一 直 不 过 是 曾 经 。


朋友们,please不要在我睡觉的时候打给我。我真的很pek cik!

Bonsoir, 今天就写到这里了,au revoir

Snowy Christmas

Bonjour, Merry Christmas readers! Wish you dream come true. 

Went to Pavilion with cousin. Window shopped at there again. 
We went to ate our lunch at Food Court in Pavilion before we went to shop.
I love this food so damn much!!
Shop when we finished our lunch. Our lunch is so tasty man! (I think it's because i was too hungry. x) )

But my aunt and uncle spend lots of money. Oh My God.
They bought not really much things, but those things is really expensive. 0.0''

After Pavilion went to Uniqlo again. But they got nothing, and i only got on clothe over there.
I love Uniqlo much. :D
After Uniqlo go back to Pavilion for Shimino. :D 

 I was eating Shimino! :P
I want to go again! Who gonna go with me? :P
And also ChatTime, i wanna try!
But the next time i wanna go is S.Wang for clothessss. With buddies, but i got no much cash. :(
Not gonna buy stuff nowadays, want to save my money! 

2000, everyone is waiting for the "snow" in Pavilion.
There's so much snow today, i think because of Christmas Day.
Snowy Christmas that i had!
So nice and it feel so good. I wanna go with my buddies again next time, or maybe my love? LOL

This year Christmas is really nicer than last year. At least i am not alone. :D
Waiting for New Year right now, and so my school gonna reopen! 
People, spend your other 5days with something meaningful.
Don't waste it anymore. 2010 gonna end, make life become awesome. :)

Last , belate merry christmas and the happy new year.
God bless you! 
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Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Christmas Eve

Bonjour my lovely readers, i'm blogging again.
Today is Christmas Eve, any plans for you? 
I wished to go to countdown with my buddies, but plan was canceled because of my tuition class.

Cousin went back to Brunei, will come back next year. LOL
I going no where tonight, just stay home and countdown on Facebook Page.  
Let's countdown with me if you don't have any plans! Hahaha
Remember what did i said before?

I changed my style again, Christmas's photo look so...mature? :O I don't know, depends on you.
Latest me is not cute style anymore. And the pimple on my face is fucking shit! :@
Damn angry with it man! When i took Christmas's photo i have to use foundation to hide my pimple!
I don't like to use foundation lar! Pimples go far far away from me please!!!

Stupid Pimple I Hate You Much! :(

Santa coming to your home. Are you ready? :D
Yes, i am ready for what he bring to me! 
I am still waiting for my next Christmas Present, still thinking what it would be.
Can i have some wishes? :P 5 Wishes is enough for me.
I am not being that greedy.
Here's my wishes :
1. Money
2. True love
3. Study Well
4. More blog readers
5. All people that i know are healthy and happy.

Santa please make it be true! :)
I love you, santa. 

Alright, au revoir my readers. 
Click on my Nuffnang Ads please and thanks. Much love.

Oh ya, any comment at my new blog header? 
Hahaha, it's for only Christmas. Will change it before New Year. :P
But have to take photo again. :/
So lazy man, but i will still to try my best.
Au Revior! I love my blog followers! Thanks for following my blog! 


Happy Christmas Eve! 平安夜快乐!
Let's Get Party Tonight. :)

Click my Nuffnang Ads as the gift you gimme at Christmas! Much Love.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

My new school life.

Bonjour, i am coming now! I spend too much times on those stuff, wtf. =='
Alright, go true the right topic.

Form 3 students's day, for get our exam result. Yeah i got it and it so...LUCKY.
I'm not joking, i got no A. But luckly i got not Elephant too. :)
Before went to school, have a little gathering with buddies.
QianQian, Jaycee, Kelly, XiMay, Carmen, Jessnny. Long time no see dude! 
Hahaha, just joke man. :P
Here's some random photo. :D
 Our breakfast :)
Went back to school at 10am.
 My class teacher! I miss him much! :)

 She's my love. :)
 Her result.
And here's mine. :D

After took my result, went to shop to talk craps and talk about result. >w<
Spot me! :D Here's all my aunt from other country.

Went back to home around 4something. And my Singapore's cousin sis came to my house too. 
See what she did in my room! :D
 So serious mer? x)
She hugging my all bear :D

End of the day.
But i still got something to show you guys.
My hair is totally gone black. :(
I make it black again because school reopen soon. D;
Sorry for acting stupid. x)

Alright dearest readers, au revoir. 
Happy Birthday To My Granpa too!
Click my Nuffnang please!! Much Love 

Wednesday, 22 December 2010





记得吃汤圆啦! ^^


Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Bonjour! My lovely readers, i miss you all. Sorry for not updating last few days. 

So now, i gonna blog lots! Since i got time. :D

Today i went to Midvalley with cousin, watched "Just call me nobody".
Kinda nice, and it's a funny movie! Ahahaha

Yeah, as you know i can't control myself for window shopping. I must to get something for myself if not i will get mad and sad for whole damn day.
Bought one Owl Necklace and something for head or hair? I don't know @@
Here's the photo, 31bucks flied away from me.

I saw one of my primary school's friend, she getting prettier. :D
And she realize who i am too, hahaha. F*cking happy mer! xP
It's kinda short post, sorry about this. 
Let's photo talk. :)

 Brunei's cousin 

Singapore's cousin.
Singapore's cousin.

Let say Bye to my brown hair

End Post, will blog again later.
3days more.