Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hey people, i am here now. First, i have to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you! It's 31Oct! 
Yeah, the end of Oct! Nov coming soon, and there's lots of plan for Nov? I think so :P
Back to topic.
Alright, i've capture some stupid photo for this Halloween!
And else, i will share with you now. Nothing much, ready to go?
Here you go!

End post, bye dear!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Something make me touched ♥

Did you ever get something from your Friends? Family members? or Cousin?
Yeah, i got it much today. All the wished, all the word, all the message, all the call, and all of you.
You guys do really make me touched touched touched and touched.
I don't really get any present for this year, but never mind it because my friends wished me. 
That's better than nothing for me.
I wanna share some love to you. Here we go!

As you know i got a necklace from My Girl Qian Qian : 

And else, i got lots of wished from Facebook, Blogger.

From Echin's Blog. View it? :)


 On Facebook.

 On Twitter

On Facebook

My Phone. 

And else, i gonna get a pair of Pinky lens from my cousin sis. 
Well, thanks cousin sis for the lens! :))
I gonna buy lens again, don't know why.
I just feel wanna buy it. :)
I'll post on my Facebook if i got the lens and other present, will not update on here. 
Bye Peeps, wish you have a nice day. 

Friday, 8 October 2010

Birthday Eve ♥

Hey yo! I am back now, i never thought i will back so early. But what to do if my mom force me to? Do it lar! I don't want to have no next time. -.- FINE!!

My birthday eve report is here, here we go! 

I went to Puteri's Library around 1 something, i reached there and waiting for my babe qian.
She gimme a surprise, yeah that's really a surprise.
I love the necklace.
There's a biscuit too, but i didn't capture. :P
A new necklace with my name. MICKEY. :) 

Out Fit. Feel interesting for those word? Let me show you some!
Understand? Say thanks to me! xP
Just joke to you. :)

For sure we went to toilet and syok sendiri lar. But i can't post it up. :P

PS : can only post mine. :)

Around 1530, both of us feel hungry out of suddenly. Holly Shit! Why so hungry man?!
So Qian called Uncle Stanley to send us to Station 1 have our lunch. 
Actually my stomach not feeling well. :(

PS : no photo for this time.

After that, went to 2L and bought a clothe. I love it. 
Cost about 40bucks. 40bucks flied away from me.
And then, Qian's mom send me to A pet house, for what? 
For him lar, stupid dude.
Aha! I am just joking now, don't be serious.
I stay there for few hourss. And i am really really bored when he is busy. -.-
I have nothing to do at there. Around 1800 both of us went to 好味導 for lunch?
Not for me, just for him, I go there for fun.
And also i saw Gold Tomato, yeah! 
So excited mer? Actually now, he told us that he is not in mood to work.
LOL! Because of no customer. -.-
Sui zai bao dia, he don't remember my birthday. Still dare to asked me "你看你什麽朋友來的?"

PS : No photo about here.

After he done, back to pet house again. 
And i keep using his phone to online Facebook and Twitter.
And chat lots thing when Tomato came and joined us.
Wow! I know lots truth from them.
Seriously, she is bad!
Kawanku, janganlah sedih. Kau ada kami mar. Kan? :))
Don't focus on my face! Ahahaha!
Using Wi-fi on his phone. :PP

On my blog juga.

One of puppy in the pet house.  

 When he is working? Yeah, you're right!

So cuteeee.Ahaha!

Back around 2130.
Yoga Ooi, i am wonder about your driving skill.
Alright, thanks Tomato and YoGa Ooi! 
Have an awesome night. 

 My PMR Slip.