Friday, 24 September 2010

Have your life without sadness, i bet no one can do it easy.

Hey yo guys! I miss you all, how are your life? ;)

I am not so good because my PMR examination is coming, i am afraid it. :(
Sometime when i facing my books, i feel so stress. I can't really remember all of it, i tried my best. But still the same.
I thinking how should i face to my examination. Even thought i cried for it, it's really really stress.
And it was a miracle since i decided tomorrow i gonna attending to school.
You didn't misunderstand what i said, it's true. I GOING TO SCHOOL ON SATURDAY!
My lovely friend is going too, because we have a bet.
"If today was rain, i am attending to school tomorrow." C.C Fong said it.
God did a good job, it's really rain! 
You know what they said more? 
"Don't have a bet with Mickey, since she is coming to school although it's Saturday!"
"She sot one lar, she really will attend to school if she said it."
"After she said it, she will just do it."

These is what i heard from them. A BIG BIG LOL!
Yeah, as they said i am crazy one. 

Alright, i didn't online for few days and i didn't update my blog too.
I gonna be a cleaner to clean up all the dust. xP

22 Sept                 Wednesday
Happy Mooncake Festival! 
I am the one who wearing school uniform to play candle.


23 Sept                 Thursday 
I had a beauty sleep.
I slept over than 12hours. Mickey is really tired.

24 Sept                 Friday
Went to C.C Fong's home for revision. I love her much! <3
Happy Birthday for my cousin. Janice Chen! :)

A oldest photo! =.=

She make me happy when i am not.
She make me laugh when i am cry.
She make me smile when i am down.
She make me calm down when i am upset.
Girl, you'll always in my heart. You're the one i trusted, i said all the secret to you all the time.
I have nothing lying to you, seriously i didn't.
Let's us be forever memories! I heart you. ;)

Have your own life without sadness, i bet no one can do it easy. 
This is the sentence i think about right now.
Seem there is lots of peeps sad, upset and bla bla bla.
I wish they got a better life than the life they having right now.
Girls & Boys, i don't wish you all have any argument with anyone.
I don't hope i see you sad, i don't hope i heard you cry. 
We should be happy all the time, Get A Better Life From Now On!

I have ordered a pair of lens, because my lens gonna expired. -.-
 Naomi Brown

Alright, my 30bucks was flied away from me. :')
Naomi Brown, how was it? I don't know that lens suitable for me or not.
I just feel it nice, i will try to capture after i get it.
One more stuff, anyone wanna buy lens? 
Anyone from SMK PBP 1 interesting with it?
I am not selling it but my friend is, i just promote for her.
Let's have a new lens together! 

I'm done, bye peeps. Miss ya, Maks! 

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Hey Peoples....?

Yeah, as you know tomorrow is Monday. And our holidays is end soon, still got few hours for enjoy. 
Imma like, picture above. Said :"OH SHIT, ITS MONDAY TOMORROW!" :(
That's a sad news for all peeps who are studying SMK. 

tumblr Pictures, Images and Photossighh.........

This is the picture i found at Photobucket, it's quite nice and quite suitable to describe my feel now.
A big big sigh. Omg, imma going to die, kill by boredom! 

This is what i wanna say in school! I don't wanna kill by boredom lar!
Those teachers is fucking annoying for me. p/s : shouldn't only for me. Might be all the studentsssss.
Did you ever listen to Olivia ong's song? No deny, i love her voice much than other singer.

 Olivia Ong.
You haven't start to listen her song yet? Start it now! 

Come'n here to share some video to you. 


Gimme some respond? 
Ohh gosh! Boredom is killing me truly! What The F*ck!!
I don't know what else can i write now. 
Ya, i miss him, i miss the piano, i miss the voice now.

Bye peoples. Miss Ya! <3

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Is Back ♥

Okay, i do really created for nothing. 
Add me if you want to.

Mickey Hoh 米奇賀

Create Your Badge

Goodbye readers, gonna enjoy my BBQ night!

p/s : i hate facebook! 

Spamming talk? :)

Okay, right now i wanna share something with you? :)
Maybe my journey? 
Okay, i might let it start right now. 

6/9/10            Monday

Hanging out with my beloved mushroom, mum and cousin.
Have no photo for the day, but what i got is only madness.
Well, i might forgot it as fast as possible.
I won't let any shitty thing effect my life. 

Happy love? :        

7/9/10            Tuesday            Shopping Day. 

Sunway Pyramid with Xi May and Carmen.
Three girl went to Sunway, except shopping i don't know what else can we do. Hahahas.
Yes, i got a new shirt! I love it! 
But i spend all my money that day.
Luckly, i still saving for tomorrow. 
3girl, photo talk for sure.  :)

Photobucket   Mickey's photo








Happy love? :            

8/9/10            Wednesday            Movie Day.

Sunway with Carmen, Chun Kee, Collin, Aaron, Martin Lee.
Watched Piranha
 PIRANHA 3D Pictures, Images and Photos 
and The stool pigeon.
Honestly, Piranha do really 18PL.   And that's a horrible beach! Ewww! 
And The stool pigeon is bored. :/
I bought 3 new necklace from Diva.
And, i spend all of my money!
Imma bankrupt now :(

My new necklace  
Sorry for no photo today. :)

Happy love? :