Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Welcome Home My Granny and Grandpa.

Well well well, as you know my grandparents is back from New York.  Welcome Home My Granny and Grandpa.  Hellooooooooo~ Long time no see grandparents. I miss you all and sure that i miss your gift more, hahaha! Just joking here.  :)

When i saw them, my granny's hand is holding a NEW camera.  I asked her where's the old one? She said it's broke, so she have to called my uncle to buy a new one for her. SD1300IS, yes she got it.  I think you should know that i was mad on it because the camera totally better than my S*NY camera for 100000000x.  Don't doubt, it's true!

Yeap, that's my new target! I gonna save my money to buy it, don't date me to anywhere. I wish i won't use any extra money, so i can save it. SD1300IS! REMEMBER TO WAIT FOR MICKEY! Imma trying my best to get you now! Yes, from now on!!

I keep using my granny camera for take photo, i mean my nail. But after that, they told me the cable they can't found it.  Should be lost or steal by other. Oh Gosh! What the heck is this?! Why will being like this one! DAMN! T_______T

I might to cry now, i wish i have SD1300IS for myself right now! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, let me to show you some photo i was took just now.  Their trunk is super duper messy now, cause they took all their thing out. And i was found something funny when they take it out. 

Why do have some baby clothe in their trunk? Hermm, what reason?  They told me, they take my little cousin's clothe back to here from USA. Walao! Yenq lar, take it back from there.

And now my house is full of USA's smell, =____=|||  .
I have nothing to say anymore. The last is, I WANT CANON-SD1300IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Messy 1

Messy 2

Messy 3

My granny's camera! SD1300IS and SD750IS in the room!

Taken by my suck camera. So now, you know how suck it is right?
[i just make it be bright]

My nail, the other two i draw love on it. :)

SD1300IS in Pink! (make me more crazy on it!)

SD1300IS in Silver.

SD1300IS in Blue

SD1300IS in brown. (My granny have this color.)

Errr, I don't know what color is it.

Four Color!

-By mickey❤-