Thursday, 18 March 2010

Shopping day.

Well, finally i come back to my blogger and trying to tell you what happen now. I went to Sunway Pyramid, with my Beloved friend.

Around 0930, i went to Gynette's house. Because i go to S.P by taxi with her. When I reached her home, i just saw her mother. "Aunt." I said, with courtesy. She opened the door for me, and called Gynette came out from her room. But few second she didn't came out, but her dog was ran to my away. As you knew, i am afraid with it. And it keep around me, Oh My God it's horror. Finally, i saw a girl wearing very rock! Haha, she do really rock. However, she haven't done her makeup. So she get back to her room again, and continue to makeup. And i just followed her to her room, and i saw her younger sister is still sleeping. I keep disturb her, she's really cute. When i disturb her, she had no respond to me. Keep sleeping and dreaming. Fine, i just can say she like to sleep as her eldest sister-Gynette Ong! Haha, it's true. Don't feel that i sound like devil, actually i am not. I can't really sit at there and wait her for done her makeup. So that, i used her computer to online. And on my lovely Facebook. ^^v



[I took these photo at my beloved Gynette's house.]

1030 more, we took taxi and go to S.P. On the way/in the car, her "friend" called to her. And keep chatting, because of the "friend" i had nothing to do. Just keep take photo, it's only what can i do.

[In the taxi.]

1100, we reach S.P. And we just walked around S.P, because we need to wait for Monkey. Then, we went to Cinema and bought ticket. "Alice In The Wonderland" I am coming. Haha, wished i can have fun with it. But my friend told me it's bored. Don't care about it, since it isn't our feel. 3ticket need RM24, per ticket RM8. It's cheap? Should be. After bought those ticket, we just walk around Minitoon, Hello Planet and else. For find DOMO. But in the end, we didn't found it. And Monkey sent a message to us, told us she reached S.P, at the Starbucks Cafe there. So we need to go there and meet her, sure we will do this. Haha, i saw a girl. With long hair, her style look like Monkey; but i can't sure that she is Monkey. When she turned her face, Oh My! She is Monkey! I can't really recognize that is her! Haha, her hair make her change a lot, it is real. You might believe that hair style will change a person look.

[See her hair is longer than me. x) ]

Okay, it is time to let us shopping! Hooray! We keep walk walk walk, for non-stop. And they bought 2 same Gentleman Hat. And we bought 3 same rope, for our phone. Best friend rope, haha. I like it so much, that rope is in chocolate color. And after that, we keep windowed shopping. Haha, it can make me save money. Hehe, i would like to windowed shopping, but i saw a lot nice clothe. Now, i regret i didn't bought those clothe. Ya, I DO REGRET NOW! =(

After windowed shopping, we went to took some photo sticker. I admit that i had long time never do that thing, i almost forgot how to do or what to do. LOL, don't laugh at me. I know i am so stupid. Continue now, we did some silly act when we took those photo. It is funny, but i like it. Trust me, i had a lot fun when we did those act. We saw Yue Lin and Kwaie with thier own friend there, i can't remember too much actually. My memory gonna full, haha. So forgive me if i was forgot you. =)


Finished the activity, we felt hungry. So we plan to a restaurant that we would like it. Full House! Haha, this is the first time i went into full house. Before i didn't went in it is because i have no money. But now, is not same with before. Haha! I'm interest with it actually. We all were ordered set lunch, me and Monkey's ordered is same. Gynette ordered Set 3. We keep took photo, by my camera, my phone, Gynette's phone. Monkey is really like to take photo, all the photo in my phone almost is only her. *Speechless*

Ice Lemon Tea, all is coming to our table.

It is our lunch time! Keep camera, phone and else! Keep it all! Let eat! Haha, i am hungry. Don't worry, sure i took some of our food photo for you. ^^ So now, i skip to photo. Because it have nothing to say.

See, so happy wad.
Mickey And Full House's Menu.
My Beloved Gynette.
Menu cover our half face. Look silly right? But i just like it.
Our desert.
Pink - Monkey
White - Me
Chocolate - Gynette
Gynette's Lunch.
Mine, and Monkey. Same one, so i just took one.
Nah, just a random photo. :P
Opss, Monkey sat alone. And, my mirror is there. =='

Around 1430, we leave there. And walked for a while, and going to cinema. When we on the way to cinema. And something SUCK was happen! You can come and ask me if you do really wanna know about it. Or you can view Monkey's blog. I don't want to write about those SUCKER on my blog. So better don't say about them now! We bought popcorn and 2 cola, and wait the time to 1500.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND Pictures, Images and Photos

Finally, i watched it. It is funny actually. Haha, i don't even regret that i watch it. After Movie, we walk again. Walk for no target, and i said to them i wanna go see Mouse skating. Well, they let me to go and they go with me too. Thank dear, i love you so much. And I keep sms with Collin, he keep asking me where am i. I go to a place that can see Mouse skating and meet with Collin. I did saw his skill, and his speed. I do say, he is professional. He can play it fast and some skill. I don't know how to explain, should say. You can go and see if you know him. Today, finally he reply my message, but it is so cool. A lot different with last time when i chat with him. I do really sad because of it, you can ask Gynette. He do really make me mad, only him can. *sigh*

And the Collin, he act slow as snail. Make me wait for long time. Stupid him, haha. But at least he came out and chat with me. This is the first time we chat face to face. His cousin told me that, he less talk to girl. LOL, why i don't think so. Because he never look shy to me, i did asked him why. He said, because you didn't shy also. Oh, this sentence make me speechless.

Finish meet, just looking to mouse cause he is still skating. At that time, i do wish that i can talk to him. But i know, he won't bother me because he mind what the guy said to him. He don't even want to reply my message i think. I have few day didn't chat with him and talk to him. It make me feel survive in hell. I can't release those feel, when i think of you. I will be in a bad mood, i have never tried this before. Because last time we are very close and friend. And now, it's end. Can you tell me that what you thinking now? I don't wanna feel that anymore. Don't call me to ignore you or forget you. I can tell you the answer right now. So sorry for i can't do that. Why we can't be friend anymore? It's because the guy? Why do you still mind those? *sigh* =(

I don't know why do you mind it, maybe it's because you do treat him as your friend. However, you care it he also will be nothing. Please, don't do those thing to me anymore. I really can't endure those feel. IT DO REALLY MAKE ME FEEL IN HELL.

Mouse, look at here. Sorry for those thing i make for you. I feel guilty to you.

-End Here-